Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grossed out!

So Spring brought us many surprises. Most of them unwanted and unloved. First we have the annual spider fest. This year we had huge ones in the basement about palm size. Really gross I never took pics because well I am terrified. I couldn't let them escape so I scream until someone comes to kill it or if my hubby isn't home which is most of the time I find the closest book, shoe, magazine, heavy toy, whatever is near me and literally throw it at the spider. This tends to work well until I have to then clean up the smashed spider and if the weapon can be thrown out it is. Otherwise I have to put on my big rubber gloves and get to disinfecting.

We also have a family of frogs living outside a basement window. My little monkey loves these. In fact whenever we go outside he has to quickly run over and find the "foggy". When it isn't there he gets upset and shrugs his shoulders. I would have taken a pic today, but they weren't there maybe tomorrow.

Outside a side basement window on two occasions there was a snake. A small one, but nonetheless spooky enough to run away. I know I have a pic somewhere, but can't seem to find it. Will post it if it comes along.

When it rains bugs, worms, and other things get lost and find their way into my pool. One day I discovered hundreds maybe more seeking refuge on a leaf. I scooped them out before I ran to grab my camera so the pic is a little hard to see, but if you look close they are everywhere. Definitely gave me goosebumps.

Today I got a wonderful surprise. A lovely creature taking a leisurely swim in my pool. It got me thinking why are there so many movies cartoons and other entertainment out there that portray these creatures as cute and friendly and cuddly? Perhaps it is a conspiracy because in reality they are "GROSS". Even my monkey who thinks that the "foggies" are cute kept repeating to me, "Ewww yucky, Ewww yucky". I agreed that it was gross and got out the nice long pool net and scooped it out throwing it far away from my yard. I know it sounds cruel. It probably was cruel, but in my defense it was really gross. Here is a picture of what was in my pool. Do you think it is cute?

Now that it is officially summer I am hoping that more surprises are in store. Only I hope that they are the good kind of surprises.


  1. thanks for showing me before i jumped in that pool! gross!
    ps. calgary has NO bugs...except mosquitoes...

    just sayin' ;)

    pps. your blog looks great!

  2. It is clean now...don't be afraid I need company!

    p.s. Thanks trying to do some tweaking, but time it disappears.

  3. EEEUUUWWww! Charity, what are you doing girl? You need to call the Bug Man, Exterminator, whatever they call them in Canada and have him spray your house inside and out! My bug man comes once a month and it's fabulous - For $35 I don't have to worry about bugs, ants, black widows, crickets or gofers that use to hang around.

    And I agree, I like the look of your blog. It's fun to change the look of it now and again. It's like decorating, haha!

  4. Yeah I may get to that point last year a groundhog was living under my deck. It didn't come back this year probably because I didn't plant my usual vegetable garden! He ate everything, but the tomatoes last year!

  5. Eww. I really feel for you. Fortunately, we haven't had any of those visitor's here. Yuck.