Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Embrace the Camera: September 02, 2010

So this week I have been spending hours downloading the 600 or so photos I took plus video plus trying to sort them out and edit them. I know sounds crazy, but I just kept taking photos of everything! So I quickly put this post together so that I would have it done for embrace the camera. This isn't from vacation, but it is from Monday we went to the Ex in Toronto. Ridiculous how expensive it was!!! The rides were almost 5 bucks a piece! I think that you have to go broke to have the kids really enjoy themselves, but hubby got free. This is a photo my hubby took after we nourished ourselves with a $4 hot dog and a $5.50 poutine. You can see my number one monkey in the back was too busy chasing away the birds to get in this photo with me, but that is okay he tends to be in most of my pictures anyway. There was the farm which Maddox loved, but I still think the farm we went to in Quebec was so much better. McKayla got to ride a horse again only this time it had pedals and didn't "neigh".



Once again Emily Anderson is where I get this wonderful idea of actually being in the photo you take of your kids. This vacation was a hard one being the only parent to try and put myself in situations where I could be in the photo too. Definitely a conscience effort. Thanks Emily!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I am away with the kids in Quebec this week. So I can`t upload my pics for Embrace the Camera, but do know that I have some and will be sharing them as soon as possible. We have been having fun at the beach, on horses, at the Musée du Civilisation (which by the way I could have played dress-up all day at. Don`t worry lots of pics when I return), circus entertainers on the streets of Quebec City, as well as lots of really yummy food. I can`t believe vacay is almost over. I don`t want it to end the kids are having so much fun and McKayla is singing away in French! Tomorrow we are going to the the countryside where there is a waterfall and the kids can play in the water so that will be fun and we are also riding the horses again this time with saddles. My only worry McKayla is going to want a pony after this week!
I know this post is a bit of a tease, but don`t worry lots of great stuff next week when I get back!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Embrace the Camera August 19, 2010

So today kinda slipped away from me and I got so wrapped up in my book I didn't notice what time it was and I hadn't finished this post or taken any pictures so I rushed to my kiddos to get some snapshots in and here is what I got.

The boys and I cheesing it out.

Then McKayla and I decided to have a little fun. Although after she saw the photo she wanted me to erase it, but I couldn't. It made her laugh and if anyone has heard her laugh they know that that is absolutely the best sound!

Maddox thought this was hilarious so he started to growl at us wanting his picture taken!

Even though in this photo he looks as though he is singing he is really growling fiercely at us. (McKayla still laughing like crazy behind the camera.)

Once again you have to visit here to find out more about what embrace the camera is all about. Her pics this week are so delicious I love them!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Embrace the camera Week 2

Well this week I only ended up in one picture and here it is...

We went to Coronation Park in Oakville which is so much fun with the beach and the splash pad and the fun playground with the climbing wall. My excuse for only one picture? The kids were having so much fun they didn't want to stop to take any pictures with me.

If you haven't heard before this is where I got this fabulous idea. Here is my first attempt. Why don't you embrace the camera too!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is there an actor in the house?

So it all started when hubby took the older kids to go pick out a movie from the video store and left monkey and I in the car. He was not happy he told me, "no fair" and then started to cry as you see in the first video.

Then, after I turned it off he stopped crying smiled at me and then wanted to see the video. So I showed it to him. He started to laugh and then told me, "again?". I said sure so this second video is his reenactment of the ordeal and how much it upset him. So funny. I couldn't believe he was acting it all out for me again! That is just one reason I call him monkey.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spicy Pork!!

So at my one of my favorite restaurants I have a most favorite dish there. Why is it my favorite you ask? Because not only does it come in a smoking hot clay pot keeping the food sizzling until the final bite, which if you are a mother you know why that is so important, it is so incredibly tasty. I love spicy food and the sauce they use on it is delicious. The perfect combination of sweet and spicy. I even like to add more of it!! I decided to take a video so that you could see and hear how good it really is. Although I haven't quite figured out a way to let you taste it over the internet yet, but when I discover that I will definitely share.

My family tend to go there at least once every 10 days or so. The staff is super friendly and the menu has a great selection of Korean BBQ as well as sushi which tends to always be ordered at our table. If you ever come this way definitely check her out. Have you eaten yet?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My turn to Embrace the Camera...

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she referred us readers to another site. I fell in love with her and with this idea, but have been busy so haven't had a chance, but it is Thursday again so let's see if I can keep doing these every week or not. I am always behind the camera taking the pictures and not in front. I think maybe it is because I have had my picture taken so many times in my life, (maybe another day I will share) I found it nice to be behind the camera instead. I am hoping though that I can be brave and even take the ones I don't want to take. I hope that they will love them just as much as I cherish the ones with my mom and dad. I would post some of those, but seeing as we have our house up for sale all of our pictures are safely tucked away and I couldn't begin to remember which box they are in.

Anyway on to my post. The other day I was trying to take some photos of myself with the monkey, but they didn't turn out so well.

In came my son Marcus who wanted to take some pictures...

even better.

Then I thought maybe you should join the fun too. So we had some fun making goofy faces. Although "monkey" didn't know where he put his monkey face!

These I took in B&W because we were getting ready for bed and I didn't feel that I was suitable for pictures, but in the spirit of Embrace the Camera I took them anyway. Maybe next time I will be brave and take color photos!