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Embrace the Camera: August 31, 2012

So today embrace the camera is with my littlest guy. He was so brave today having to go under general anesthesia to repair his mouth full of cavities. Going in it was 9 with 2 of them being root canals. 

Let me just say I was freaked out! Being the first time any of my kids have ever had to have any kind of anesthesia I was really anxious and worried. Needless to say I got little sleep this week. Last night I prayed extra hard that things would go smoothly and he would come out at the other end ok. My prayers were answered because he did extremely well in there on top of that only one root canal and cap instead of two. 

Showing off our teeth.

So funny.

 Instead of filling the front teeth she did disking so he didn't have to be under so long and they will fall out in a few years anyway. In essence it changed his smile. He is still my guy though.

Now he might be laughing away, but coming out of the anesthesia he was not happy. Complained he couldn't see because he was so groggy he couldn't keep his eyes open. Screamed away for about 10 minutes and then was calm enough to eat a freezie. Sugar free of course. It made him feel a little better and anxious to get home. He gave us all the evil eye the whole way home and tried his best to take off the silver cap which in his mind "tasted weird". 

Luckily my good friend Kathy came along one, because they suggest two adults so one can watch them in the backseat on the way home and two, I really needed the moral support. She kept my mind off the fact that my baby was asleep. She is amazing and I am so grateful.  I actually almost lost it watching him fall asleep because he fought it off a little. It was even more torture seeing him wake all confused and scared. I just kept repeating it was over and he did a good job. I didn't want him to think he still had more things to do there. 
After it all I am so thankful he is ok. Not nauseous at all and happy to drink liquids and eat. Besides the first few hours of wobbly walking he seems pretty steady. Hopefully he continues to do well through the night. My guys only had dental work to do. I have a new appreciation for what so many parents go through when they have children having serious procedures done. Being a parent is the best job and your heart is so full that it literally breaks when you see them in pain. 

Embrace the Camera: November 11, 2010

My dad such a handsome man.

My dad on the right receiving an award.

My dad is in the middle. I think he had a great smile. He definitely loved to smile. I remember he used to ask us how we were and if we said "okay" or "fine" he would say, "You can't be (okay or fine) I want to hear you say you are bursting with enthusiasm!"

So being in Canada today is Remembrance Day. Me. I have been thinking about all of those families who have lost someone the love who was serving for our freedom. I am American so today is Veteran's Day in the U.S. I actually like the sound of Remembrance Day better. I like that there are special assemblies on this day. I like that people around the world are observing it.

For those who don't know my dad served in the U.S. Army for 26 years. He joined The National Guard when he was seventeen. (I know!! He lied and said he was eighteen)On January 20, 1960 he took the oath of enlistment in the Regular Army of the United States. He retired the end of February 1983. I was always really proud to state that my dad served our country and fought for my freedom and rights that I have today. I remember one time talking to him about how I wanted to become a Marine when I grew up. I think I was like 9 at the time. He didn't discourage me, but he did tell me how hard it was going to be. I think he knew it was just a phase and there was no way I would join. I think he was probably pretty happy when I decided to enter a very different kind of career. Looking back I don't think I would have been very good at it. I don't think I have that kind of strength or courage to do what needs to be done. Especially when it comes to raising a family and having to leave them behind. My heart and prayers go out to all of the families who are currently without their loved one trying to survive and stay strong to support them.

So today I have some pics of my dad with McKayla. The first one is the day she came home from the hospital. I love this one because I can see how proud he is to be a grandfather for the I think 19th time. I don't think that ever got old for him. I was pregnant with Maddox when my father passed away. I actually had just found out it was going to be another boy. When I look at Maddox sometimes I can feel my father smiling at me telling me I did good. Because that is what he always said when I had my babies.

This next photo of McKayla with my dad she is wearing the princess costume he got for her. I think she liked being his little princess. That summer was a fun one for us we went camping and believe it or not my kids can still remember details about that trip which is amazing considering McKayla wasn't even 3 yet. Wow makes me think about what one of my friends said about McKayla she has a fantastic memory if it something she wants to remember. If it isn't she forgets very easily.

I don't know why I don't have a lot of photos of Marcus with my dad. I think he was always busy playing, but I am sure I have some I just couldn't find any. Mom got any? I know that my kids are going to love these pictures with their papa. Because I do.

So this post is dedicated to my dad. I love you and I love how you taught me to be strong and proud of where I came from. I learned compassion and forgiveness through you and you are still teaching me today. Thank you.

Old photos of dad I have courtesy of my wonderful sister Stephanie.

Embrace the Camera: November 4, 2012

So this week we have been lucky to have a guest in town with us. So time to blog hasn't been in the cards, but I had to squeeze in a photo with my boys. We got Toy Story 3 this week because my monkey is obsessed with Woody and Buzz. Need less to say he has been glued to the t.v. He keeps wanting to watch it and nap time, eating time, picking up his siblings, or going absolutely anywhere that doesn't have it on is terrible. He has been...well...moody today especially! So the first pic is him still glued to his Buzz trying to save the day again.

Marcus actually smiled for me. I think that just made my day! When you have a wet, cold day like today be sure to snuggle into your goodnesses (yes that is a word I just made up) and enjoy the evening.

So today I had no time! McKayla was working (don't worry not child labor she loves it and it was only an hour), I had to go the gym because I have been such a slacker, kids had oodles of homework, I had to finish making Marcus' costume, preparing the guest room for a good friend flying in tonight, and trying to fit in this blog. SO here it is the only thing I could muster up, but better than nothing right? Now I will stop complaining before you here the violin playing!

Yes! I know he just had a nose bleed and you can still see a little! I told you it wasn't the best photo I have ever taken!


So I wanted to start by saying that I don't know anyone who doesn't love fall! I for one love it truly.


1. My first love has to be back to school. The anticipation of seeing all of my friends again and meeting my new teachers was so exciting. It was fun when I was in school to go shopping for new pens, paper, backpacks, clothes, etc. Have I ever mentioned how much I love office supply stores? Well I do immensely. Now with kids to send back to school I still get to go back to school shopping.

2. Here in Canada I get to enjoy all of the beautiful change of colors that are around. I don't know that I really noticed fall as far as nature goes when it comes to a change of season until I moved here. We live near a big park and driving through takes my breath away. Every time I drive down my street towards my house I smile because the gorgeous leaves surround you on both sides. I love how the swirl around the car as you drive over them.


3. Halloween! I could have put this second because normally that would be the case, but this year I am loving the trees more. Candy! What can I say I love it! Plus getting to dress up is such a bonus. One year I am actually going to have an awesome and most fabulous big dress-up Halloween Party and be really strict about the dress code. No awesome costume = no entry!

4. I got married in the fall which makes it a really special time of year.

5. My only baby girl was born in October!


6. My husband's birthday is in October.

7. Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October which means I get 2 Thanksgivings in Fall! Which I guess if you aren't careful could mean you gain even more weight over the holidays! But let's not think negative!

8. Family. Fall reminds me of family and the things that matter most to me.

9. General Conference. I know if I read this when I was 12 I wouldn't believe it, but it is true. I look forward to it and can't wait to sink my teeth into the Ensign when it comes in November so I can remember and contemplate all of the great things that were shared.

10. Fall means Christmas is around the corner!

The last six were really in no particular order just the order my mind went. I took the photos of McKayla and I on our street (she took the one of me by myself) . As you can see the beauty is remarkable!


Emily Anderson isn't hosting the embrace the camera this week as she has been busy organizing a fundraiser so she can bring home her baby Elsabeth. I have to say the prizes are something and I can't tell which one I want more!

This is my son Marcus. In the womb and not planned. I definitely don't recommend that, but I do recommend children. They are definitely sent from God and given as treasures to us to keep and protect until we return to him.

This is me about 7 months pregnant and really happy I started to show. Let's just say about a week before this I had barely a bump and then as if overnight this showed up! I knew I was shooting on that day and had to look pregnant!!

I do not believe that any of these swimsuits were actually maternity.

I was surprised when a few weeks before my due date they wanted me back for another spread. As you can see I am much bigger. Even my face is swollen!

When he came home I was thrilled, but as you can see not camera ready anymore!

Today he is 9 and I am thrilled to have him as my son.

He brings me such joy and love and pride. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I realize just how lucky I am. My father in heaven has truly blessed me and our family with good health and strength. You have to join me and embrace the camera.

So this week my monkey was sick, but luckily he is much better today. We tried the self-timer today which he enjoyed getting to press the button and all. As you can see I am a little tired today, didn't even put my eyes in, but I had to get in some photos with my little guy. He actually got really excited about the camera coming out to play again. I have been taking it easy since school started.

Sadly his attention span didn't last that long. Barney was on and that seemed to be more important. He leaned over gave me a kiss and said, "All done!".

Check out Emily and Embrace the Camera with us!

So these are really the last of my vacation photos. This is in Montreal and a fabulous friends backyard. The sun was setting and I ran to take as many pictures of the kids I could. It was hard since they wanted to play, but they did cooperate.




And Marcus even took some photos of me with Maddox and McKayla. Not perfect, but he did a good job getting us in the photo.



I actually took better pics of kids that were not my own, but since they are not my own I will not post them. Our vacation was fun and I tried to make a conscience effort to be in as many photos with them as I could. Seeing as I didn't have hubby with me I think I did a good job. Makes me happy because my little monkey sees these pictures and it puts a smile on his face. Then, he starts to babble about what? I really I don't know, but I know it is good.

Thanks for joining me and you should really join Emily and embrace the camera with me.

So This week was the first week of school for my two oldest. They were so ready to be back at school with their friends. Their mommy didn't do a very good job in the whole playdate department this summer.


We got lucky and daddy was off work. So he is the one in all the photos. They are both very happy in their new classes and I can't believe how big they are getting!


My little girl still let me hold her hand. She also let me give her 3 goodbye kisses! That made me happy. She says she will never be too embarrassed to give me kisses in front of her friends. That makes me happy even though I know it is probably a lie.


Marcus was very serious as he mostly is. Probably nervous on the inside, but putting up a strong front.

After school I took these shots and they are still happy! Marcus says he was indifferent. Go figure.



Maddox has had some adjusting this week. He misses them, but he has been hanging out with the kids at the gym childcare. The past two days he has asked me to put him down for I nap. I think because he is bored and has figured out that after his nap we pick up his friends. As you can see at school he was very excited too. I don't think he understood that his life was about to change.


So this week I have been spending hours downloading the 600 or so photos I took plus video plus trying to sort them out and edit them. I know sounds crazy, but I just kept taking photos of everything! So I quickly put this post together so that I would have it done for embrace the camera. This isn't from vacation, but it is from Monday we went to the Ex in Toronto. Ridiculous how expensive it was!!! The rides were almost 5 bucks a piece! I think that you have to go broke to have the kids really enjoy themselves, but hubby got free. This is a photo my hubby took after we nourished ourselves with a $4 hot dog and a $5.50 poutine. You can see my number one monkey in the back was too busy chasing away the birds to get in this photo with me, but that is okay he tends to be in most of my pictures anyway. There was the farm which Maddox loved, but I still think the farm we went to in Quebec was so much better. McKayla got to ride a horse again only this time it had pedals and didn't "neigh".



Once again Emily Anderson is where I get this wonderful idea of actually being in the photo you take of your kids. This vacation was a hard one being the only parent to try and put myself in situations where I could be in the photo too. Definitely a conscience effort. Thanks Emily!!

So today kinda slipped away from me and I got so wrapped up in my book I didn't notice what time it was and I hadn't finished this post or taken any pictures so I rushed to my kiddos to get some snapshots in and here is what I got.

The boys and I cheesing it out.

Then McKayla and I decided to have a little fun. Although after she saw the photo she wanted me to erase it, but I couldn't. It made her laugh and if anyone has heard her laugh they know that that is absolutely the best sound!

Maddox thought this was hilarious so he started to growl at us wanting his picture taken!

 Even though in this photo he looks as though he is singing he is really growling fiercely at us. (McKayla still laughing like crazy behind the camera.)

Once again you have to visit here to find out more about what embrace the camera is all about. Her pics this week are so delicious I love them!

Well this week I only ended up in one picture and here it is...

We went to Coronation Park in Oakville which is so much fun with the beach and the splash pad and the fun playground with the climbing wall. My excuse for only one picture? The kids were having so much fun they didn't want to stop to take any pictures with me.

If you haven't heard before this is where I got this fabulous idea. Here is my first attempt. Why don't you embrace the camera too!

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she referred us readers to another site. I fell in love with her and with this idea, but have been busy so haven't had a chance, but it is Thursday again so let's see if I can keep doing these every week or not. I am always behind the camera taking the pictures and not in front. I think maybe it is because I have had my picture taken so many times in my life, (maybe another day I will share) I found it nice to be behind the camera instead. I am hoping though that I can be brave and even take the ones I don't want to take. I hope that they will love them just as much as I cherish the ones with my mom and dad. I would post some of those, but seeing as we have our house up for sale all of our pictures are safely tucked away and I couldn't begin to remember which box they are in.

Anyway on to my post. The other day I was trying to take some photos of myself with the monkey, but they didn't turn out so well.

In came my son Marcus who wanted to take some pictures...

even better.

Then I thought maybe you should join the fun too. So we had some fun making goofy faces. Although "monkey" didn't know where he put his monkey face!

These I took in B&W because we were getting ready for bed and I didn't feel that I was suitable for pictures, but in the spirit of Embrace the Camera I took them anyway. Maybe next time I will be brave and take color photos!

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