Friday, May 21, 2010


I have kind of become a creature of habit and like things the way they are. I used to come face to face all the time with change before I got married. Living in different places meeting new people, but the last 9 and a half years not a lot has changed.

This year hopefully we will change houses, perhaps change cities, make new friends (but definitely keep the old ones), and what else. Well for starters my little monkey got a haircut. I was very hesitant because I love his long hair. I love how when he gets out of the shower it is all curls in the back. I did it for him when he gets hot his whole face turns red and looks like he will explode or pass out whichever comes first.

In the past haircuts with him have not been enjoyable. He won't sit still and cries. So we went against trying to give him a cut with any kind of style because well if he doesn't sit still it won't look good. Hubby really wanted to give him a mohawk. yeah I know. So we went with a number 3 buzz.

I keep forgetting we have cut his hair and am surprised when I look at him. He keeps rubbing his head and smiling at me. I think he likes it. I know he will enjoy it in the heat we will be having this year. But as I saw the 5 inches getting shaved from his head I could help but tear up and think how long until it grows back. I do know this I am going to try and make more changes because I think it is good. Don't get attached to things that really don't matter. Focus more on what does matter and how that should change me.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


So I don't know if any of you watch any t.v. Or if you watch any of the shows I do, but I must say these finales are killing me! Why does someone have to die? I guess it makes for good t.v., but they are making me sad. First of all Brothers and Sisters, can I say WHAT?

That family goes through more tragedy than I can imagine.

I never really watched One Tree Hill, but over the summer I got bored and stuck inside a lot because of all the rainy days we had so I started watching some reruns.
One  Tree  Hill  Season   7  Promo   Shoot This season I didn't see every episode, but I did see enough to become connected to the story. One of the characters lost their mom to cancer. I was crushed when that happened. She then fell into a deep depression. I had Michael McLean's Mission2bHappy in my head during the season finale hoping that she would come out of the slump. She started to when she found out she was pregnant and than what happens? Psyco chick enters picture to shoot sister and boyfriend. What? huh. I guess she might have more work to do on the mission2bhappy project.
Smallville I watch because well let's face it I love superheroes. Was kind of a comic book geek as a child so a show about Superman? What is not to love? Finale...I guess we know he can't die, but even my McKayla was asking is it over? She was wanting more. At least his kiss finally revealed the truth to Lois. That's a plus.
Plus we have the hope that he might just wear those red and blue tights next season.

At least with House we ended on a positive note. He finally gets together with Cuddy. Or is he hallucinating again? I guess we won't find out 'til next season.
(HD) Season 6 Promo Photo full cast

But will Lost live up to my expectations? It better I don't want to be disappointed again. And 24? Will the series end in an awesome dramatic conclusion? Still more finales to go. We will see if it leaves me wanting more or if I don't care. Will it lose me as a fan?

I know it must seem I watch a lot of t.v. Let me tell you I think I watch too much, but when the kids go to bed and I curl up in my bed escaping into someone else's reality is what I look forward to. Whether that be through t.v. or a good book I have to admit it is a guilty pleasure. I will work on it in the future...


So I got my flowers yesterday. Super excited to get them in the ground. I love the color annuals bring to a garden. My house definitely could use some color in the front. Right now it looks so sad and droopy. Don't you think it is amazing how flowers are like icing on a cake. Just not the same without them.

Maddox had fun at the greenhouse picking out the flowers. They have a pond in the back and we got to watch a family of geese. I wish I would have had my camera because it was so cute. Six little goslings surrounded by their mummy and daddy who was totally protecting them from outsiders. The also have horses at the farm, but Maddox liked the geese better. He kept saying "baby, baby..." and a bunch of other stuff that I have yet to translate. With my car loaded to the max with 12 flats of flowers it smelled divine. Oddly enough my allergies have been okay this year. All this gardening and I have had no trouble. I promise this year I will keep them watered, fed, and beautiful. Here is a picture of what I did today.

Oh yeah remember all of those weeds that were taking over my grass? Well what do you think?
Looks good huh? Of course still have to seed and fill gaps, but miles better than before.

I know I haven't been posting for a while, but May is a crazy month. Birthday parties, recitals, swim meets, extra practices, field trips, gardening, and let's not forget what keeps me sane my gym time. Plus, the weather has been incredible. Who wants to be inside? Not me. I am going to enjoy the beauty God has given us. Sink it in so you don't think about the achy toes, fingers, arms, back, etc.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Weeds, weeds, weeds

I have always hated weeds. I won't lie. They are endless. They take over your garden. This year though I have discovered I loath them. They haven't just taken over the garden, but my backyard has more weeds than grass. In fact I can't even see any grass. My lovely hubby brought me home a wonderful "present". A dandelion puller. My back doesn't thank him. After spending 4 hours in the yard today hunched over pulling weeds, blisters on my hands, and scratches on my face, arms, and legs I don't know that I can face the yard again. The worst part is I don't even think I am half done. Mckayla willingly helped me after school for 2 hours. She picked up the weeds and put them in garbage bins for me. While we were working very hard she said she was going to have nightmares that they would all come back. I agreed that would be a nightmare. Perhaps the fresh air was starting to get to her because she then asked if I would want to have a weed house. With the amount we pulled you would think I could actually build a house. She said we would just need some glue. If I had more energy I would have let her test her theory.
Maybe, just maybe I can pull myself together and finish what I started another day. All I need are some band aids for my blisters, some heat rub for my back, and hubby rubbing my feet, and I will be ready to go. I couldn't bring myself to take pictures, but perhaps I will. My plan finish pulled and then I will have to seed the yard and fill the holes. Then hopefully my grass will grow and they won't come back. I know wishful thinking. I do know that "weed" is now a four letter word in my house. Don't say it! We will now and forevermore refer to them as the over achieving, relentless, backbreaking plants. Now it is time to grab my heat pack. Hopefully hubby doesn't come home too tired from work so I can get my foot rub. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The dangers of t.v.!!

My husband loves to watch this awful show Two and a half Men. It makes me crazy!! So anyway he normally watches when the kids go to bed, but my little guy is normally still awake. I have discovered perhaps he has been watching the show a little too much!

Well this doesn't help my cause. Hubby thinks it is hilarious and can't wait to see him lip-synching every night!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Holding hands with Christ

So this past weekend I attended Time Out for Women which was awesome. I am so happy I went even though it seemed impossible between a sitter and living on a budget. I had to take into account not only 50$ for the ticket, but of course I would buy books and music and who knows what else. Well I had to consider it long and hard, but I jumped in last minute. I even had to consider having my daughter skip her ballet and tap on Saturday as no one could get her there. That was a hard one. As a mom sacrificing something of our kids so that we can enjoy something feels wrong. Although now after the fact I know it wasn't wrong. Because my daughter now has a stronger mom. A more focused mom.

more info here

I feel a stronger connection to my Saviour. The presenters were amazing! I am not just saying that either. Some of them I had heard of before and some I hadn't. I had never seen any of them in person which is actually very different. Friday night was an incredible start. I didn't want it to end although I also didn't have any tissues and that would have started to become a problem had it continued. Saturday wasn't as much of a cryfest as Friday, but it was more "light". One speaker gave us 7 keys to happiness and told us to pick just one to work on. I chose "celebrate failure".Have you ever heard the saying "If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing ____" The blank spot should be well, but in her perspective she says that it should be "If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly." Sometimes as mothers we get upset when our kids mess up or when we mess up ourselves. Instead of getting angry or down say "What have I/you/we learned from this experience?" Teach instead that we are going to make mistakes and that is okay. We are supposed to make mistakes, but we are supposed to learn from them. Even the small stuff.
I was put to the test yesterday when Marcus was making his breakfast, granola with yogurt, he dropped it on the carpet in the dining room. First of all we have hard floors throughout the house. Only area rugs in some of the rooms. Why he was fixing his breakfast in the dining room and not the kitchen I do not know, but I immediately asked, "What have you learned from this experience?". To which he replied, "Don't slide my bowl across the table.". Who knows if this is a lesson that he will actually learn from or if it will just happen again, but I didn't yell or get angry at him for making a mess which may have actually happened on any other day. So I am happy I can improve and be a better mother.
There were so many good points, but I am just going to end with a quote from Brad Wilcox, "How do we get to Heaven? Holding hands with Christ." and another one I love "The Lord cares more about the offerer than the offering.". No matter how imperfect and offering it is he accepts it. If everything we do we do with him we can reach our full potential. We can change into the person we could be.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spreading a wonderful message...

So the following is a beautiful message about life made by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I didn't even know she was a member. I first saw Stephanie on Oprah and I remembered thinking she was so inspirational and that her relationship with "Mr. Nielson" as she calls her husband was beautiful. How he just looked at her like she was the most beautiful thing in the world. And you know what she might just be. As beauty is within the more you get to know her and hear her stories and her message you truly see not only what is important and what we should treasure, but that true beauty, the kind we should strive to obtain can't be met without looking at ourselves and truly build from within. As I follow her blog it reminds me to do just that. Thank you Nienie for giving me courage to stand and for reminding me to always remember my Saviour and his love for me.

Check out this video!
My New Life