Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday

I have tortured myself over trying to figure out something new and interesting to post about for Flashback Friday, but honestly I am having to throw this post together while cooking for guests tonight and somehow watch my children. The things we mothers do. So as I was searching through my photos I decided to pick a few and explain them.

It is funny because this made me think of my sis who always would have me tell her the story I was supposed to be telling in a photo. Most of the time it was really generic, but sometimes shoots pop up that are really out there.


This wasn't really me acting out a story, but I can tell you this I was actually 4 or 5 months pregnant in this show. Believe it or not I made the newspaper during fashion week. It was a David Dixon show and I was so nervous that any day I would be showing and not fit in the clothes. Luckily that didn't happen. I have done maybe 30 fashion shows my entire career. Which spans 16 years. So as you can see I really wasn't a fashion show girl. Don't get me wrong I love doing them. It is really an adrenaline rush. You do so much preparation for only like 20 minutes of the actual show. Why didn't I do more, you ask? Well at 5'8" I really didn't have the height. Plus, I have never been rail thin like most runway girls. Crazy to think about that in real life I am underweight.

I am still a sucker for fashion shows though I love watching them and being in them. It's like shopping without having to walk all over a mall to find something you like.


This one was done as a contest for designers at the Bell Celebrity Gala in 2007. I can't really remember what they won, but I think it was prize money. The theme was Wizard of Oz. Yes, my costume rocked!! I wish I could have taken it home with me! It was the winning costume which was very cool.

This is me with the designer Jessie Matsen

Here are some of the other costumes...

This is me with Danielle Knudson She is super sweet and super beautiful. Plus she looks super cute as the Tin Man. Hopefully she doesn't mind me posting this.


I know this one is funny. I actually was trying to portray the emotion that the book was setting forth. I have done 4 book covers in all, but only managed to get a hold of 2. The first one I did was when I was pregnant with my first baby. I had to portray a bride of an Arabian Prince. We shot it in the conservatory of Casa Loma. That was a lot of fun. I was a spy in another one. Which I remember them saying I looked like Jennifer Garner which I really don't think I do at all, but my sister says the same thing.


This one was funny because the people behind me were supposed to be looking at me with jealousy and longing to be just like me. I know hilarious. The girl looks like she is giving me the stink eye. Honestly I don't even think I look that great in this photo. Definitely not one of my better days.

Hope you enjoyed this flashback as much as I did. It is fun to look back at memories and see how my life has changed and how I have changed. Life experiences make you who you are and these adventures I got to go on have definitely shaped me in a very positive way.

I want to go on more adventures!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's on Charity's phone?

So I am in the process of getting a new phone! yes. out of ghetto world I will creep and into the easy life. So hopefully my pics will be awesome because I will love using my camera so much I just have to take pics. I am actually eyeing a really awesome video app that I might just have to purchase! Anyway as far as pics this week not a lot. Between jet lag, snow, -18C, and vomit I wasn't in the mood for many outside adventures.

I know he is goofy, but his shhhh is almost evil.

Walking in the snow. He says that the "no" is fun!

Understated cheese.

This was supposed to be his "I'm mad!" face, but I don't think I caught the essence of it. He came downstairs the other day dragging his blanket behind him declaring that he was mad. It was quite hilarious especially because of his angry face that looked so forced and cute. Apparently he was left upstairs alone by his siblings and that made him mad. Here he finished all of his juice and was mad there was no more.

In the car waiting for daddy to pic up his new chip for his iphone4. Rockin' the new shoes that are slightly still too big for him, but I can't resist putting them on him.

That's it this week, but next week promises to have more goodies. Go link up with Jessica so I can see what is on your phone!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday: Hubby Edition

I like the word hubby. It perfectly describes mine. Makes you think of someone snugly and warm. Someone who you can have a lot of laughs with. Chubby Hubby also happens to be my favorite ice cream ever sadly not very easy to find up here. It is a flavor from Ben and Jerry's. I wouldn't exactly say my hubby is chubby. He just has a really nice round face. As I have just come from his home in Singapore I figured I needed to do some investigating as to whether he has always had such a big head. You can help me be the judge.


This is January '75. Which means my hubby is under 3 months old. He hasn't quite grown his large head yet. Or as he likes to call it his "Big Brain".


I don't know the date of this photo, but as you can see he does get cuter.


I have to point out that my MIL definitely had style. If any of you know my monkey see those ankles? That is where he got them from!


My FIL looks so young here. I almost don't recognize him. Especially with all of that black hair! I know sounds crazy of course his hair was black at one point, but really I can't believe it!


I think I have a picture of all of my children with this exact smile.


I *LOVE* this photo! I totally have to frame this one. If you know my hubby at all he has a very serious face most of the time. I call it his concentration/must appear to know what I am doing/ must be on my best behavior face. I think that my oldest son has actually mastered this face. I love it truly. Makes me want to kiss this lips!

Can you see the resemblance?


Another cute one. I am beginning to believe that perhaps the camera does love him he just doesn't remember that and now tries to hide from it whenever one appears. This photo reminded me of my little monkey.


My only comment on this one? Love the socks and sandals!


I love my SIL's jumper in this one. Which is really the only reason I threw this photo in. So adorable, but if you look closely those squinty eyes on hubby are a lot like my oldest. Especially when you talk about him. Although my guess is it was a really sunny day and thus it required squinting of eyes.

So you can tell me what you think. I for one and happy I have my hubby and that my children inherited his cuteness.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's on Charity's Phone?

So this week i have a lot of photos stored up because I missed last week. And if you are hungry perhaps this post isn't the best to read until you have some food in your bellies because there is a lot of it!

Who needs Cirque du Soleil when you have street performers like these?

I secretly wish I could be just as flexible as these girls. We passed them on the way to dinner and they were still working hard on the way back after dinner!

Ramen from Ippudo. Really yummy, but had to actually stand inline for almost an hour to get a table.

This pic is for Jessica who has a plate wall this restaurant had a bowl wall. Fitting being a ramen place.

A sign that was posted on a hallway which had couches. Apparently they felt the need to put up such a sign. Who was it that caused such a problem? I actually just thought it was funny perhaps I should put a similar sign in my kids bedroom. Maybe with a little tweaking.

The history of the Kueh Tutu

Getting ready to steam.

This kind lady let me take a photo of her making it. Basically rice flour steamed with peanut or coconut inside. I love the coconut!!!

Happy Lemon!

Rock Salt and Cheese Cocoa sounds gross, but if you like salty sweet, so yummy!

Frying the Prata. The kids pretty much ate these every other day while we were here. Probably not the healthiest breakfast. Indian pancakes.

D24 Durian. Really smelly, but a lot of people love it. I am not one of those people!

Nonya dumpling. I really wish they had these in Canada. They have similar salty kinds, but this one has a sweet meat that is so yummy. My kids fell in love with it too. Only two days left in Singapore and I can't really decide what to eat. I am going to miss a lot of it!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas in Singapore 2010

Okay. SO I know I got excited about New Years and completely skipped Christmas so here is my Christmas post. We had a beautiful Christmas. The kids opened their gifts we got them in Canada which was lots of books and a Woody dollI know, but I can't think of another way to describe it. It isn't very manly sounding, but he is a kid and he loves it although he wanted Jesse more. Hubby would have none of that! I am actually proud to say we really never go overboard with gift buying for them. They tend to get just a couple of things to enjoy and then they get spoiled by grandparents and aunts and uncles.

So anything they got as far as presents came from friends and relatives here in Singapore as well as Santa of course.

I was actually thrilled that on Sunday we had a beautiful musical Christmas program for Sacrament. I definitely felt the spirit of Christmas and the joy of knowing that because of the birth of Christ and his life here on earth our life has meaning and purpose. I also love singing Christmas carols. Who doesn't? Well maybe the Grinch, but that changed when his heart grew. That made me think. My heart grew with every child I had. I know that sounds strange and those who don't have kids or who only have one and think they can't possibly have more room in their heart for another one they are missing out because it is true. Your heart does truly grow. Even my hubby said after we had our daughter I don't think we can have any more because I have no more love to give. Well his heart grew too. I know another sappy post. I can't help it. I love this time of year even if I m in a tropical climate with a tree made for a smurf. I love it!


Back to Christmas. The kids partied it up singing karaoke on Christmas Eve with the grandparents. Who, by the way, go out and party with their friends more often than I do and can do it more nights in a row than I can. Meanwhile my sister-in-law and I Watched a movie and ate some yummy mushroom risotto which she made. After we picked up the kids from the party because it was getting late we did the traditional one present opening on Christmas Eve which we always do.


This year was special because it was Maddox's first Christmas in which he understood the meaning of what opening a present is like. He of course was thrilled to find a train hiding inside the paper. You will also note the extra long pyjamas he got from his Gong Gong.


McKayla found arts and crafts which she was equally thrilled with.


Marcus was a little disappointed that we talked him into opening this present which we knew would contain chocolate or cookies from a family friend. Although his smile doesn't show it. He didn't get a lot of presents this year, but that doesn't mean he wasn't going to be thrilled with what he got. He is at that age where the presents get smaller and smaller yet cost so much more!!! We wanted him to save the excitement for Christmas morning. I know kind of mean right?

Christmas morning came and to our surprise Santa visits Singapore. And McKayla was really happy Santa wasn't mad that she stayed up so late the night before.


Monkey got more of what he was dreaming about I am sure. He actually woke up Christmas morning instinctively knowing that more presents were to be found.


McKayla was thrilled to get her sewing kit which we played with literally until dinnertime.


Marcus got the game he has been wanting since forever.

Afterwords more presents ensued.




Marcus even received what?


No way! Spoiled guy. I guess all the puppy eyes he gave to his Ah Ma and Gong Gong worked!

For dinner we went to a friends house and had a feast. Christmas Day is also his birthday so it makes it twice as special. The kids got even more presents and we stuffed ourselves with delicious bbq ribs (yes the same ones my son really enjoyed the last time), sausage, deliciously moist chicken, noodles, and of course yummy Christmas cakes and desserts to top it off. It was wonderful and I think that even though it wasn't our traditional Christmas we spent it with family and good friends enjoying each others company which is by far the most important part of Christmas.

I remember my first Christmas I spent here in Singapore. I was so worried about how it was so different and it can't be hot and be Christmas. Or how without a big tree and traditional dinner it isn't the same, but I learned that those things are not as important as the spirit you bring to Christmas and who you spend it with. So now I am a reformed traditonalist, enjoying my life with my family which includes the occasional untraditional Christmas.