Saturday, July 31, 2010

My favorite new blog!!

So I was browsing and stumbled upon his fantastic blog. I fell in love with her and had to share her with you. Fantastic sense of style that will give me inspiration to make trendy decisions with my wardrobe. She is adorable, cute, and definitely has some great ideas for us want to be modest, yet stylish at the same time mommas.

So if you are interested take a peek and see what she is wearing today.

elaine at clothed much

I am sure you will fall in love too!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Shower Decorating

So I was asked recently to help throw a baby shower and let me just say it was fun! Very exciting to try to make it special. It all started with a reason to try to make pom poms.

At first they made me crazy, but I figured out that if you make slits on both side of the middle of the tissue before you wrapped the wire around it was easier to fluff out. For those who don't understand what I am talking about go here

After I did those I made these vases which I glued yellow rose petals around starting from the top. I then put pillar candles inside.

I used these as decorations/prizes for the winner of the games. I got this idea from someone's blog and I wish I could find where it was so I could link it. Perhaps one of you can help me find it.

These were so super easy I had another idea. A wish tree. Easy right. I took branches from my trees outside and spray painted them black. After arranging them in the vase I made tags with my die cut I have and added string to them so they can hang on the tree after people who come to the shower add their wish for the baby and family. Or some people put advice for the first time mother.

I also arranged for some baby photos of the new mommy and daddy which I attached to cardstock and hung on the tree as well. Looking at my tree there was something missing so after some failed attempts at making paper flowers I made these.

paper flowers

I didn't have the flower wire and I couldn't find the stems she used because shopping with three children can get exhaustive and running around the store proved to be too much for them so I altered the way she makes the flower.

First i just used normal black wire. Thanks to my son who has these large size marbles I used them instead of the foam balls.

I then used my handy glue gun to glue the petals to the wire making sure to place them nicely in a circle. I then glued leftover clear beads in the center of the flowers.

Since they already were attached to the wire it was really easy attaching them to the tree.

In the end I was really pleased with the outcome and the new mommy and daddy even asked for extra tags so they could use them for the other baby shower they were having. Hopefully their tree is full of wishes and will go nicely in their nursery.

My partner in crime helped me with the baking and decorating for the big day. We made cake balls which were super sweet, but for the sweet tooth people they were a dream. We used this chicks ideas for that one
cake balls

We also made some cupcakes for the people who don't like chocolate.

All in all it was a lot of fun and with tons of help with the rest of the food I didn't really have to do much. Definitely an easy job, my back didn't even hurt.
All that was missing was a banner, but I didn't make one because this party was happening the day before Maddox's Birthday Party and well I know that is a terrible excuse I had other things to do. :P

Did you say Mac and Cheese?

OK so since so many people have asked me for my recipe I will willingly share it with you. As always when searching for a recipe I use my handy google tool and try to find the best, but when none seem good enough to me I make it up. So here it goes.

Serves 6
I doubled it for the party here plus I wouldn't say I actually measured the cheese these are estimations of how much I put. I say you use to your preference.

picture of the dish

1 lb. macaroni
6 TBSP all-purpose flour
6 TBSP butter
2 C. warm milk (I use 2% because that is all I have in my house, but skim would work as well)
1 C. old cheddar grated
1 C. extra old Cheddar grated (you could also use all extra old cheddar for a stronger flavor. You have to use a strong cheese because the milk absorbs a lot of the flavor.)
1 C. Pecorino Romano Cheese grated
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 clove garlic minced
dash of cayenne pepper


Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Cook macaroni until very al dente. I don't like mushy mac and cheese.
Drain, rinse, and set aside.
Over low heat melt butter.
Add flour, salt, pepper, cayenne, and garlic whisk until smooth.
Simmer and stir until mixture thickens into a paste and changes into a golden color.
Slowly add milk, whisking it into the butter mixture until smooth.
Bring to a boil and then simmer until thickened.
It must be thicker than gravy, but not as thick as pudding.
Remove pot from heat.
Add the cheeses stir until well mixed and melting.
Add macaroni and stir to coat.
Pour into a 9x12 Baking dish
If you have more cheddar cheese you can sprinkle on top. I of course reserved some to do just this.
Bake 25-30 min. When it starts to bubble and become crispy on top it is ready.

I actually prepared mine beforehand, kept it in the fridge and then popped it in when I was ready for it seeing as no one likes cold mac and cheese.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope that you can understand my explanations well enough.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wet Garden Party?

So Maddox's birthday has become a bit of a joke. Last year for his first birthday we had a pool party, but to my surprise end of June it was FREEZING!!!!

I was in shock, hubby was in shock, and my mother who was visiting found it crazy. She probably thinks that it never gets hot here in Canada. I keep reassuring her that yes we have really hot spells especially with the humidity, but not last summer. It was definitely a cold and wet summer. My tomatoes and cucumbers last year probably suffered the most. Cucumbers never produced and the tomatoes took FOREVER!!

Fast forward to this year. We have been having a beautiful summer. Almost every day by the pool sinking in all the goodness from the sun, but would we get sun for his birthday party? NOPE! It rained off and on all day long. It didn't keep us from the pool because well it was still hot and our best friends and my kids are just a little crazy. They still wanted to swim. I guess it was a good thing my little "monkey" kept giving my kisses and telling me he loves me and he was having fun in the "wa-terrr". So definitely worth it. I would have pics of the pool, but it was raining pretty hard and I was wet!

My best friend made the roasted vegetables which I LOVE,

My homemade mac and cheese got much praise,

and the chicken I got from here which is soooo yummy.

The dessert was my biggest problem. Seeing how Maddox doesn't like cake, cupcakes, pies, or anything of the sort, but he loves Rice Krispie treats. So I made him an "In the Night Garden" creation. If you don't know what that is go here. He is obsessed with this show. Which is a little annoying because they are kinda creepy, but None of my other kids to a liking to anything near as much as he has with this so I went with it.

Here you see he is naming them all for you just in case you don't know who they are.

Upsy Daisy

Makka Pakka

Iggle Piggle


The best part? Eating the chocolate covered Rice Krispie Balls. What a mess!

Here he finally finished a candy stick. I think it was blue?

Or maybe the best part was getting to keep all of the little "In the Night Garden" guys!

On behalf of Maddox, "Thank you everyone for sharing my birthday with me!"
Hopefully next year we will have good weather!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monkey Business

My little monkey's real birthday was a blast. We invited our best friends out to our favorite park to play. It started with sibling sliding which is always so much fun. Then we did the monkey bars (which were my favorite when I was little)...

As you can see Mckayla loves them as well.

and then there is Marcus who does them so seriously!

McKayla is always ready for the camera! candid? Never!

Marcus is normally the hardest to photograph, but I caught him actually enjoying himself.

I found my little monkey barking orders at the others through the jungle gym. His face was so squished trying to get their attention I had to snap a photo.

Then we played peek-a-boo with the camera which is his favorite game. You normally find him running away from the camera.

Ever since we took him to our favorite theme park wonderland he has been afraid of the swing I am really not sure why except perhaps we traumatized him. This is the before photo of when I first put him in the swing. Poor thing he was terrified.

But after some convincing and some slow pushing he finally gave in and tried to enjoy himself. Although you can see on his face he still is not quite sure he likes it.

Then we ate some watermelon which was SOOOO yummy!

Finally, our very best friends bought us ice cream from the ice cream truck that pulled up to the park. My monkey decided on a Rocket which he really enjoyed. He even gave me a few licks. We had a great day and were so happy the weather allowed us to spend it outside. Maddox you are definitely my most entertaining baby. You surprise me every day. I can't believe you are 2. My baby is still my baby.

Maybe tomorrow I will post some photos from his birthday party! He actually loved me taking pictures of him that day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Turning 2

Well my youngest man is turning 2 today! I love his carefree ways and yes even his "Attitude". To think back at being two years old and what that entails. Must be frustrating when you want to express your creative mind and are not allowed to because every time you try mommy gets upset and you end up sitting by yourself for what seems like forever! Also frustrating when you tell her something very interesting, for instance a story about my legos that was really funny, and she just looks at you and nods her head. Ugh!! The good thing about being two is when you smile and say "I WUV you" mommy gets really happy and sometimes even makes me my favorite fruits to eat or even candy!

I am so lucky to be this little monkey's mommy. I hope that I can be the kind of mom that he needs and sometimes wants. I can't believe it was two years ago I hung out with him at the hospital waiting to bring him home.

He has definitely been a much needed addition to our family. Making us laugh and teaching us about love and how we should give more of it. So go out and bear hug someone that you love. I am.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Last Lecture

The Last LectureThe Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. I was completely entranced as I read it thinking many times of my father and the legacy that he left me. Considering that Randy Pausch was a professor dedicating his life to teaching is amazing. And this book is no exception. Although he mainly wrote it for his children I think that he is passing along wisdom many will follow. Section V, It's about how to live your life, is fabulous I loved every word. From the "Be the First Penguin" to "Never Give Up" to "Make a decision: Tigger or Eeyore" I am hooked. I once again within a week found another book that made me cry. have you ever read a book you wanted to immediately start over again? I have and it is called "The Last Lecture".
This isn't a handwritten note, but thank you Randy Pausch for sharing your life with me.

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Three of me...

Guess what we found at Zellers? Two more McKaylas. She was ecstatic to see herself she exclaimed, "There are three of me!".

The best things of summer!

The best things of summer are as follows...

reading book after book while listening to the laughter of children splashing in the pool,

sleeping in with no plan for the day,

turning on the BBQ with friends over as we talk about everything and nothing,

libraries full of books that are waiting to be discovered,

projects that you have been dying to try and now have time for and reasons to do it,

ice cream and fresh berries,

tanlines you didn't think were possible,

living life one day at a time.

So how are you spending your summer?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Book review!

The Memory Keeper's DaughterThe Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really can't remember the last time I actually cried in a book, but this one that I read just last week did that. It is about a doctor who in delivering his first child realizes it is twins and the girl has downs syndrome. He then asks the nurse helping him to take the baby to an institution and not tell his wife. It takes place in 1964 so definitely a time when they treated cases like this in such a way. Definitely heart wrenching as he is tortured by the decision his entire life and how one action can completely change the course of so many peoples lives. I definitely recommend this book..

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