Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth of July in Canada

My bestie refused to be in the photo and insisted that I being the American should pose.

So believe it or not I celebrate Independence Day here in Canada every year, but seeing as it is three days after Canada day it always feels like a four day holiday. This was the first year I celebrated it with friends too. Not just any friends, but my best friend and her family, my FIL, Spanish Missionaries, and another couple from my church. Hosted by my bestie we had tons of yummy food, but for me the highlight was the cake!

She decorated American style with the red, white, and blue and we had some great adult conversation, mostly hilarious stories, while the kids played in the backyard.

They even posed for a photo for me. If you look real close only my monkey decided to crazy up the photo with his crazy eyes. The bum. Oops not supposed to call names. We are currently trying to keep monkey from calling people "meany" and "baby". Let's just say very rude when some random person says hi to him and he says with mean face, "MEANY".

So thank you to those founding fathers who had a vision of a free land where we could worship as we please and have so many opportunities opened up to us. Thank you to those who have fought and are fighting to protect our freedom as well as the freedoms of those who cannot defend themselves. Thank you to the many people all over who make the American Nation something to be admired and modelled after. Thank you to best friends who love you enough to throw BBQ's to celebrate your holiday. Thank you to God for keeping us safe and pouring out so many blessings upon us.


  1. why do u look 16 in that top picture?! i love the cake :) and i need ur skin. k thanks bye.

  2. @HunDuddle Hussy FIrst of all I have like almost no make-up on therefore look like that, second I love that you love the cake, and third, you can't even see my skin in this pic. It looks awful when you zoom in. K. thanks for stopping by.