Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Icky Days.....

Do you ever have one of those icky days where you just don't really feeling quite yourself? Well today is one of those days. Everything annoyed me today. I think I apologized to the kids like 20 times. First Maddox was doing his usual thing which doesn't normally bother me that much like bringing me everything and wanting to open, close, look at, eat, throw away, etc. Then after school I took the kids to the park thinking get them outside and burn some energy. Which I guess worked, but then Marcus pushed Maddox just a little too hard on the slide and he went down on his back which really scared him. I of course was annoyed because now Maddox is afraid of the slide. I could see my patience was wearing thin so I suggested we go home.
Once we were home Marcus of course quickly did his work and asked to play video games which I guess always annoys me, but really annoyed me today. I decided he should play something that involved his sister.
I started to make dinner and who comes downstairs? ...It was McKayla wanting a cookie oh and one for her brother too. I quickly said, "Yes." even though I was really annoyed because they were going to have dinner soon.
After dinner they finish eating and want a snack. This of course annoyed me because they just ate. They were in luck because I was annoyed and let them eat one. Marcus had swimming tonight which in itself annoyed me because in my current state I didn't want to have to deal with dragging the kids out sitting in the hot gallery on dirty bleachers trying to entertain Maddox. Anyway Marcus couldn't find his swim bag which meant I had to look for it. I finally found it at the bottom of the laundry hamper. It must have fallen in. Ugh!
As usual when we got home the kids drag out their bedtime routine asking for more water, lotion for dry legs, amongst other things. So here I am 9:15 big kids in bed and my little guy rolling around on the ground waiting for his bath. I will get to it, but putting this in print is already making me feel better. Perhaps I will get to enjoy his splash time a little more and enjoy the quiet when they are in bed even more.
Today was not an unusual day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Well except me. Are we as mothers allowed a crazy day once in a while? I think I can celebrate that I didn't scream at the kids or kill them for that matter, but there were mean looks and frustration coming out of me. I apologized to my babies whom I adore. It isn't their fault mommy is having an icky day. Somehow though I feel guilty. Did I psychologically damage my kids today with my behaviour? I think I will tuck them in one more time and tell them how much I love them. Perhaps that will help to ease my guilty conscience. Next time I will work on my acting skills and try to keep my icky days a secret to my babies.
Oh and my little guy just asked "uppy". gave me a kiss and said "uv u". My icky day just got better.

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