Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's on Charity's phone?

Date night at the hockey game. Opening night against Montreal. We won! Oh yeah!
I know this is an old one, but since this is everything I had on my phone some will be old!

So my inspiration for trying to make more interesting and funny posts has started a linky Tuesday requiring me to take more photos with my phone. This week I actually have to admit I didn't get around to taking many, but I did take some. I started crocheting this week. I know who picks up that kind of hobby in their twenties. (So sad I only get to say that for a few more months!) I am weird, but it is fun. I made this fabulous hat for my monkey and decided to also make one for a little guy I know as well.

I am not a fabulous pro at it for sure. I am self taught and still working out the kinks, but I won some patterns from innerhooker on LMM's website. I know it is funny because I usually don't win things. Honestly. I am having fun. I finished the owl hat for McKayla yesterday. I guess I will post pics of it another time. I am just excited I have cute patterns to make great gifts for people! Handmade gifts haven't gone out of style have they?

Anything better than a baby who couldn't make it upstairs for nap time? I was calling him to come upstairs and he wasn't answering. I came down to discover this!
I recognize that this is old too, but as I stated above it was on ma phone!

Yesterday McKayla had to come home from school because she was sick. I really don't think it is serious, but she stayed home today as well just to be safe. Apparently I have become a weak mother and am allowing the excuse of "my tummy hurts with only a slight fever" be enough to keep her home. I guess other mommies should be happy about it. Plus, I should believe her because she actually loves school.

She couldn't have some big test thing or presentation she is trying to get out of, right?

Meanwhile Maddox is truly worried.

So I know it sucks, but that is all I have on my phone. I hope I find more interesting things for next week. So if you want to link up got to Jessica's Page after you create your own What's on _______ phone? and link up!

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  1. i love ur kids. they're all soooo cute and asian. i was so hoping lover's asian from his grandma would just suddenly POP out into my kids. i've heard of that before ya know. yea, it didn't. poo.

    thanks for playing!! see u next week!