Friday, June 24, 2011

My little dancer...


Backstage at showcase 2011

So McKayla has only one thing thing that she truly loves to do and that happens every Saturday throughout the school year. She takes ballet and tap and next year wants to expand and take even more types of dance. For showcase we aren't allowed to videotape, but I did purchase the video as always. Instead I got to take some videos of her during the open house weeks.

As she was preparing for her ballet exams they came in very handy to watch so that I could help her practice. She of course passed with flying colors. Plus I hear her teacher Ms. Natasha thinks McKayla is just a joy to teach and will be sad to not be teaching her next year. (She is going on maternity leave.)

I am glad my princess has discovered something she likes because honestly it is a lot having to give up Saturday mornings to take her to dance. I look forward to next year an hour later!

Her goal this summer? Working on her flexibility. I think she finally figured out that to be a really good dancer flexibility and balance and vital characteristics.

Here is a little video if your are interested. Just some fun clips of when I was actually able to go into her class to see her dance. It's funny how they always act different when you are watching. Somewhere in the middle Maddox was distracting me so my focus on McKayla wasn't that great. Plus, this was a new video cam thing and I am still trying to figure it out.

The day of the showcase came and nerves were high, but she totally belongs on the stage. She loves it.

Pretty princess backstage.


I know I have all kinds of different edits on this post, but what can I say? I can't make up my mind which way I like it!

Thank you to the TDS Dance Space family. All I have to say is they are wonderful and if you live in my area and you have a son or daughter who want to dance this is the place. We love our teachers who are dedicated and love to teach. Plus they are a whole lot of fun. Also, next year I will be there three days a week so won't that be fun? Yea I should be happy I guess Marcus isn't into team sports. I would probably have trouble multiplying myself to get him places. I am contemplating putting him in swimming again, but stalling until we figure out if we are moving or not. So lucky for him he gets to wait.


The traditional daddy daughter pic after the show.

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