Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who's the dragon on the boat?

So my son has an awesome athletics teacher. He gets them involved in so many great activities. One of them happens to be a dragon boat race between other elementary schools in the area. So three practices (some more successful than others), a false start (let's just say really crappy day, which turned out to be unsafe for the kids to race.), and finally the rescheduled race day. We rushed over right after school to get to the race and were pumped and ready to go. On a brighter side because of the postponement hubby was off so could join us.

Marcus' school had three boats competing during the day. After the heats Marcus' boat ended up in the A final which was so exciting they were going to get to race for gold.

Here is a video of the final race and as you can see it really wasn't all that close. Not to be mean the other boats did a great job, but I think team "2" was not going to lose this one. Yes I was screaming in the video. And yes of course the kids could hear me cheer. (I seriously am pretending they noticed me cheering them on.)

After the race we had to snatch a couple of photos with fellow teammates.

So much fun. I wanted to get in the water and race. Instead this is the day I mangled my left foot. Almost a week later and it is still healing. Oh and we also ended up getting a parking ticket. I know! I don't think either of those things could put a damper on the night. Marcus was still in shock like hours after it happened. Will remember this one for sure.

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