Friday, September 2, 2011

Flashback Friday: JCPenny

Some of my first modeling jobs included a lot of catalog work, which was great because back then they booked you for the entire day and it paid really well. These days most of the department store catalogs only book you for a couple of hours at most a half day at a time. Also JcPenny headquarters were in Dallas at the time that made it easy for me being an Oklahoma chick to go down quite often. I think the headquarters are probably still there now, but by the time I turned 17 or 18 they started shooting in places like Miami instead. Or they only booked you for a couple of hours. Which made going down for just an hour or two just not seem worth it anymore.

The year I started working I moved to Dallas for part of the school year. Inner city school was a change for a country girl. We had to go through metal detectors to get into the school. Definitely an adventure. I remember doing my best to avoid the wrong crowds in the hallway afraid something would happen to me if I looked at them the wrong way. But I made some good friends and it was good I was an honour student so at least I was in classes with kids who didn't get into trouble.

Summers after I started working I spent partially in Dallas and the rest of the time travelling around which is fun when you are in Junior High and from a small town. By the time I finished my freshman year we (my management, parents, and I) decided to switch to home school so I could travel full time and pretty much live in Dallas.

Going back home this summer I realized why I didn't really know how to get around Ft. Smith very well. It was because by the time I got my license and was driving I was never home. I only drove to Wal-mart, church, the mall, and the movie theatres. The occasional stop in other places, but never really spent a lot of time driving. I also discovered just how fashion has changed since I was a teenager. I remember very clearly thinking that the 80's were bad for fashion and how cool we looked compared to them. Now looking back I actually think the 80's had some good stuff. A lot of bad stuff, but more good stuff than I think that came out of the 90's. It was definitely not very flattering especially for one like myself who was a little curvier than most models out there. I know you probably think I am crazy, but seriously I was! So enough of a back story I found some old JCPenny pics I wanted to share.


So here I am barely 14 years old. Who had a denim dress of any kind? Or who ever wore denim head to toe? I know. That was a bad look, but people did it.


I actually think I owned skirts similar to this one. Who wore flannel? Lots of flannel and the knee high socks with the mary janes. I know I wore this one frequently. Although I still think this look is cute. The whole schoolgirl thing going on.


This one is the kicker though. Who wore the high waisted jeans or pant with front pleats? Whoever started this style should be shot! Tapered leg and all. So unflattering. Maybe that's why they had my sit down. Not to mention the shoes. I think they are more appropriate for a grandma then a teenager. What do you think? Stylist also like to put me in pigtails a lot. Sometimes braided and sometimes not. I think they wanted me to look Native American or something. I remember always thinking Pocahontas they want me to be Pocahontas. Actually before Princess Jasmine came along every time we played dress up or pretend I always had to be Pocahontas. Not fair I just wanted to be Aurora or Ariel, just once.

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