Monday, August 29, 2011

Maddox doing his GQ thing.

So Yesterday as I got my little monkey ready for church he looked at me and said, "I so handsome." I of course agreed and then asked if I could take a picture. I quickly took out my phone, because he changes his mind really quick so I have to hurry and take advantage of the moment. After I took one shot he looked at me and said, "No. Get your awesome one camera. In the black bag." That's right he demanded better quality photos. So I obliged and took a bunch while he just posed and gave me some GQ moves that I have never seen from him before. Even though it seems I have tons of pictures of him he really isn't the easiest kid to photograph. That is until yesterday. Maybe it was because he knew he looked good so he was showing off. Who does that remind you of?

I hope that more opportunities to get some good photos out of him without his crazy faces are in the future because this was fun.

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