Thursday, August 19, 2010

Embrace the Camera August 19, 2010

So today kinda slipped away from me and I got so wrapped up in my book I didn't notice what time it was and I hadn't finished this post or taken any pictures so I rushed to my kiddos to get some snapshots in and here is what I got.

The boys and I cheesing it out.

Then McKayla and I decided to have a little fun. Although after she saw the photo she wanted me to erase it, but I couldn't. It made her laugh and if anyone has heard her laugh they know that that is absolutely the best sound!

Maddox thought this was hilarious so he started to growl at us wanting his picture taken!

Even though in this photo he looks as though he is singing he is really growling fiercely at us. (McKayla still laughing like crazy behind the camera.)

Once again you have to visit here to find out more about what embrace the camera is all about. Her pics this week are so delicious I love them!