Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday: GO Team GO!

So a good thing about my vacation from blogging was I retrieved some valued pictures from my mom's house. Can I say it is so much fun to look back and see not only how awkward I was and maybe still am and how fashion has changed since the 90's.

I will start by saying my fabulous sister was the cheerleader in the family. Strong with no monkey arms. Peppy and filled with team spirit not awkward and grunge like I thought I was. I was definitely the black sheep. Refused to go along with the norm, which when you grow up in Oklahoma includes cowboys, country, football, pool halls, and numerous other things. Instead I was into alternative, speech/drama, sledding on car hood in the winter, and catching craw daddies in the creek. I have to say I did join one main stream thing. Band. What? I loved it! Traveling to all the games, competitions were the best, and marching in front of the crowd. I guess I showed a little team spirit.


So here I am posing for a dance costume. I worked several times for this cheerleading/dance catalog. Definitely out of my element, but at least I have a little dance background to look decent in the photo.


Ok. You see it broken wrists and all. Should have had my sister give me lessons.

This one kills me. I look so out of place. I have always wondered the numbers on these. How many uniforms were actually sold because of me? My guess probably not as much as the other girls. They had a lot more spunk and experience. I was only 14/15 in these photos. I like to think I got better as I got older.

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  1. I love your Friday Flashbacks! You look like a Barbie Doll in some of these. Too cute!