Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's on Charity's phone?

So I am in the process of getting a new phone! yes. out of ghetto world I will creep and into the easy life. So hopefully my pics will be awesome because I will love using my camera so much I just have to take pics. I am actually eyeing a really awesome video app that I might just have to purchase! Anyway as far as pics this week not a lot. Between jet lag, snow, -18C, and vomit I wasn't in the mood for many outside adventures.

I know he is goofy, but his shhhh is almost evil.

Walking in the snow. He says that the "no" is fun!

Understated cheese.

This was supposed to be his "I'm mad!" face, but I don't think I caught the essence of it. He came downstairs the other day dragging his blanket behind him declaring that he was mad. It was quite hilarious especially because of his angry face that looked so forced and cute. Apparently he was left upstairs alone by his siblings and that made him mad. Here he finished all of his juice and was mad there was no more.

In the car waiting for daddy to pic up his new chip for his iphone4. Rockin' the new shoes that are slightly still too big for him, but I can't resist putting them on him.

That's it this week, but next week promises to have more goodies. Go link up with Jessica so I can see what is on your phone!


  1. super cute little guy! and i always have my kids wear their shoes too big. that way they get more wear out of them! ;)

  2. the evil shhhh face is seriously creepy. i love it. ur guys are so fun!!