Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's on Charity's Phone?

So this week i have a lot of photos stored up because I missed last week. And if you are hungry perhaps this post isn't the best to read until you have some food in your bellies because there is a lot of it!

Who needs Cirque du Soleil when you have street performers like these?

I secretly wish I could be just as flexible as these girls. We passed them on the way to dinner and they were still working hard on the way back after dinner!

Ramen from Ippudo. Really yummy, but had to actually stand inline for almost an hour to get a table.

This pic is for Jessica who has a plate wall this restaurant had a bowl wall. Fitting being a ramen place.

A sign that was posted on a hallway which had couches. Apparently they felt the need to put up such a sign. Who was it that caused such a problem? I actually just thought it was funny perhaps I should put a similar sign in my kids bedroom. Maybe with a little tweaking.

The history of the Kueh Tutu

Getting ready to steam.

This kind lady let me take a photo of her making it. Basically rice flour steamed with peanut or coconut inside. I love the coconut!!!

Happy Lemon!

Rock Salt and Cheese Cocoa sounds gross, but if you like salty sweet, so yummy!

Frying the Prata. The kids pretty much ate these every other day while we were here. Probably not the healthiest breakfast. Indian pancakes.

D24 Durian. Really smelly, but a lot of people love it. I am not one of those people!

Nonya dumpling. I really wish they had these in Canada. They have similar salty kinds, but this one has a sweet meat that is so yummy. My kids fell in love with it too. Only two days left in Singapore and I can't really decide what to eat. I am going to miss a lot of it!


  1. Those street performers looks fabulous! The food pics are making me hungry!! I'm not a fan or Durian, but my fiance loves drinking it.
    Ang xxx

  2. I love those food pics. When I was a kid we used to call our food nonya as in, "hey what are you eating? Nonya. What's that? None ya business".

  3. Wow! Those street performers are awesome. That sign is too funny! I daughter is adorable and your post is making me hungry! ;)

  4. mmm, i LOVE salty sweet!!
    and seriously, i thought the very first picture of the flexible girlies was a statue!! i can't believe that, that is amazing!!