Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to school drama...

The clan on Maddox's first day. He started two days later.
Nothing like a weekend full of sickness that keeps you in bed to catch up on a little blogging. Sure enough 8 days of school and somehow I was infected with some sort of awful sinus disease. My kids were great though especially my McKayla, she even made me breakfast.
Moving on. I have been looking forward to and dreading the start of school for a few reasons.
McKayla Grade 4

The pros:
1. I get to get back to my regular workout routine. (Which I have totally neglected over the summer and it shows.)
2. For the first time in 11 and a half years I get "me" time from 9-3:30 Mon.-Fri.
3. The kids can be happy instead of fighting with each other constantly. (Happens every summer. They just get sick of each other.)
4. I get to have day dates with my hubby when he's off. Just the two of us.

Marcus Grade 6 What?
The cons:
1. I don't get to be lazy anymore and sleep in.
2. I have too much "me" time to fill which leads to me taking on a hundred different things and then really there isn't going to be any "me" time.
3. I miss my kids. Most of all my last baby has just entered Junior Kindergarten and it's FULL DAY!!! He is such a big boy now and so cool already labeled the cool kid with the spiky hair. Who seriously does not like anyone to touch it.
4. Now I feel like every moment of my day will judged as to how much did I get done today? What the house isn't spotless? Didn't you have the whole day to do it? You mean you didn't cook a whole three course meal? How come I have no clean clothes? What did you do today?

Maddox JK
Don't get me wrong these questions haven't come up yet, but let me tell you they are bugging me just the same. My house is still a disaster, I still have know idea what's for dinner, and no I still hate ironing so that will have to wait. I thought it would be this magical transformation of how wonderful it was going to be and what a good homemaker I'm going to be. Not so much. I have filled my 6 full days (two of the school days I still had Maddox) that I have had so far. If you subtract 2 of those days spending time with my hubby. Yet I still have a thousand other things I need to get done and don't get me started on cleaning and laundry because that crap never ends. You do it, but you can't tell because the next day it's a disaster again. Ok. I didn't realize this post was going to turn into such a downer. But as my 11 year old said to me while doing his homework this weekend, "At the bottom of the box there was hope." So yeah I am going to have hope that it just takes practice and I just need to create a system. Oh and looking at the positive I did go to the gym 5 times in those 8 days. And I totally ate really healthy in the process. See things are getting better already.

I got Marcus almost smiling. He was excited Maddox was going to the big school.

McKayla jumped out of the car because she needed one with Maddox too. 
So to all the moms out there who do it all your amazing. I know I am a lucky one who gets to be home with my kids and volunteer at their school and chauffeur them around to all those extra curricular activities. I really wouldn't trade it for the world. Motherhood in all its frustration is amazing and rewarding and definitely a privilege. We moms have to stick together and support each other because it's tough.

I didn't even go into the drama we actually had at school. To sum it up my kids are all in very large classes. Going up in age 31, 29, and 29. Also McKayla's teacher decided to resign the Friday before school started. All parents involved are crossing our fingers this week we get good news and another teacher so we can lower the class sizes. As well as a permanent teacher for McKayla. So another year another adventure in school. Let's hope it is a good one.

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