Monday, September 10, 2012

Project Monday: Asian Silk

So 2011 trip to Singapore I bought all of this great fabric with really only ideas in my head of what I wanted to do with it. I also had only just received my sewing machine from my father-in-law and really would have to learn how to sew all over again. I hadn't truly tackled a project since 7th grade.

Love this fabric!

I am in love with maxi dresses, maxi skirts, and well dresses in general so I knew that's what I would be making. first project was to take a t-shirt and attach a skirt to it sounds easy enough right? Well no not really. For one I had never worked with this silky fabric before and man is it slippery and you are paranoid because you don't want to ruin it with too many holes.

No close-ups please. I'm sans makeup!

As you can see I so wish it was longer.
I had help doing the math to get the right measurements from my best friend. She's amazing and much more experienced than I when it comes to sewing. We did an a line style dress. So really just made sure that the widest part was at least 2 inches bigger than my hips. This fabric has no stretch whatsoever so it had to be wide enough for me to walk easily. I just sewed up the sides and than attached it to the t-shirt that I had trimmed about 2 inches from the armpit. In hind site I wish it was longer. I should have overcompensated how long I wanted it and than hemmed it. Also I only wanted gathering in the back with a little gather just under the bust. didn't quite accomplish that and instead it is just really bunchy in the back more than I would like, but I made the top of the front piece slightly narrower since I wasn't going to gather it. The more fabric you use the fuller it will be and the more gathered. Hopefully that didn't come off too confusing.  I always say every project I learn something and I think I learned a hundred on this one. Next time will be better including making sure I love the t-shirt I use and that it isn't too see thru! Luckily I have two of the same t-shirt so I just double up when I wear it.
A back view

This sight has a great tutorial on how she did her daughter's dress. And even has links to another site for adult size.
Close up of my band.

For my band I didn't want it tied in the back so I made a flat front band with elastic in the back. I don't have an easy way to describe how I did it and didn't take pictures, but this site shows you how if you have stretchy fabric. There is also this site which shows you another way using elastic thread. What I have learned is there is a ton of ways to do it and personal preference is key. Plus the fabric you choose helps to determine which way you should go. When in doubt you don't even need a waistband throw on a cute chunky belt and your good to go.

For my slippery fabric I had to use the no fray fabric stuff on all of the edges. I don't have a serger and this was a pain because you have to be so careful not to get it anywhere else because it makes it hard.  Overall I love my dress and get compliments every time I wear it. And it was my first project with my new sewing machine! Success!

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