Monday, September 17, 2012

Project Monday: Modern Kimono Dress

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So my love of asian fabric continues and this time it is one I used a pattern with. Only size modifications. My waist is really small compared to my hips so I always have to adjust patterns. I also made it a little longer than the pattern called for. This time around I was getting used to the slippery fabric and had a much easier time putting it together. I also did my first time attaching binding around the neckline and one sleeve since the other sleeve is just hemmed. I didn't make the belt because I had the perfect belt in mind to wear with it. Love the result even though part of my is thinking about taking it in a little more at the waist because of the way it gathers. Who knows maybe it will bother me enough to actually do it one day.

Side view

Sorry for the poor quality. Will have to take some new ones.
My daughter loved the dress and I had enough leftover fabric so I just made her one too. Although she doesn't like the look of two different length sleeves so hers are the same. I just used parchment paper and drew out two somewhat rectangular boxy sleeve shapes with a slightly lower dip in the neckline for the front. Again making sure it was wide enough to go over her non existent hips. Put it together hemmed it and than sewed a fabric flower to add to it. I attached it to felt before I put it on the dress. She loves it and always gets compliments when she wears it too.

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