Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fun with kids?

Photographer: Donna Griffith
Hair and make-up: Sandra Yang

Ok. So recently I shot the October issue Canadian Family Magazine. They are amazing there and it was great working with them again.  Surprise on set I got to see one of my favorite make-up artist Sandra Yang. So that was a lot of fun getting to catch up.

Last time I worked with them.

After my make-up was finished my first pretend child came in. She was a year old I think. Super cute, but really didn't like sitting next to me. Ya I was stressed considering I am the accessory in the shot and the main talent doesn't like me. I was actually sad because generally kids love me. Seriously. Either way it didn't work out she just screamed every time she got on set with me on our make believe bed. Poor thing I think I traumatized her, but totally not on purpose.

Next my second pretend child came in. A little timid, but I got to chatting with her she is about the same age as my little guy so I showed her a pic and she seemed to warm up to me. Super cute and full of energy she really made me miss my real kid. We had a blast and got the shot so things were good.

You would think its a piece of cake to work with kids. I am a mom. Kids tend to like me. No stress. Wrong. Still lots of fun, but super stressful nonetheless. It's more fun working with my own kids, but playing pretend is fun too.

Doing the pose thing with the mag

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