Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Turning 2

Well my youngest man is turning 2 today! I love his carefree ways and yes even his "Attitude". To think back at being two years old and what that entails. Must be frustrating when you want to express your creative mind and are not allowed to because every time you try mommy gets upset and you end up sitting by yourself for what seems like forever! Also frustrating when you tell her something very interesting, for instance a story about my legos that was really funny, and she just looks at you and nods her head. Ugh!! The good thing about being two is when you smile and say "I WUV you" mommy gets really happy and sometimes even makes me my favorite fruits to eat or even candy!

I am so lucky to be this little monkey's mommy. I hope that I can be the kind of mom that he needs and sometimes wants. I can't believe it was two years ago I hung out with him at the hospital waiting to bring him home.

He has definitely been a much needed addition to our family. Making us laugh and teaching us about love and how we should give more of it. So go out and bear hug someone that you love. I am.


  1. What adorable picture of you and Maddox. And great insight into his personality. I love your term of endearment: "monkey"! Clearly you love being a mom. You learn so much as a mom don't you!? More than I ever thought I would, in fact, I'm still learning... Happy Birthday Maddox! You're a lucky little man to have my sister as your mommy!

  2. Yes definitely learn a lot as a mom! He actually laughs when I call him monkey. Sometimes he says, "NOOOO", but with a smile on his face!