Saturday, July 31, 2010

My favorite new blog!!

So I was browsing and stumbled upon his fantastic blog. I fell in love with her and had to share her with you. Fantastic sense of style that will give me inspiration to make trendy decisions with my wardrobe. She is adorable, cute, and definitely has some great ideas for us want to be modest, yet stylish at the same time mommas.

So if you are interested take a peek and see what she is wearing today.

elaine at clothed much

I am sure you will fall in love too!


  1. holy crap i'm in love!!! u don't know how badly i need wardrob help. i WANT to wear stuff like this but i feel like i can't pull it off! or think of it.

    i wonder if i'll look as cute being not so asian and not so tiny...?

  2. I know!!! I have definitely been inspired to put myself out there a little more. And I am sure that you could definitely pull off a lot of those styles very well!