Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Shower Decorating

So I was asked recently to help throw a baby shower and let me just say it was fun! Very exciting to try to make it special. It all started with a reason to try to make pom poms.

At first they made me crazy, but I figured out that if you make slits on both side of the middle of the tissue before you wrapped the wire around it was easier to fluff out. For those who don't understand what I am talking about go here

After I did those I made these vases which I glued yellow rose petals around starting from the top. I then put pillar candles inside.

I used these as decorations/prizes for the winner of the games. I got this idea from someone's blog and I wish I could find where it was so I could link it. Perhaps one of you can help me find it.

These were so super easy I had another idea. A wish tree. Easy right. I took branches from my trees outside and spray painted them black. After arranging them in the vase I made tags with my die cut I have and added string to them so they can hang on the tree after people who come to the shower add their wish for the baby and family. Or some people put advice for the first time mother.

I also arranged for some baby photos of the new mommy and daddy which I attached to cardstock and hung on the tree as well. Looking at my tree there was something missing so after some failed attempts at making paper flowers I made these.

paper flowers

I didn't have the flower wire and I couldn't find the stems she used because shopping with three children can get exhaustive and running around the store proved to be too much for them so I altered the way she makes the flower.

First i just used normal black wire. Thanks to my son who has these large size marbles I used them instead of the foam balls.

I then used my handy glue gun to glue the petals to the wire making sure to place them nicely in a circle. I then glued leftover clear beads in the center of the flowers.

Since they already were attached to the wire it was really easy attaching them to the tree.

In the end I was really pleased with the outcome and the new mommy and daddy even asked for extra tags so they could use them for the other baby shower they were having. Hopefully their tree is full of wishes and will go nicely in their nursery.

My partner in crime helped me with the baking and decorating for the big day. We made cake balls which were super sweet, but for the sweet tooth people they were a dream. We used this chicks ideas for that one
cake balls

We also made some cupcakes for the people who don't like chocolate.

All in all it was a lot of fun and with tons of help with the rest of the food I didn't really have to do much. Definitely an easy job, my back didn't even hurt.
All that was missing was a banner, but I didn't make one because this party was happening the day before Maddox's Birthday Party and well I know that is a terrible excuse I had other things to do. :P

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