Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monkey Business

My little monkey's real birthday was a blast. We invited our best friends out to our favorite park to play. It started with sibling sliding which is always so much fun. Then we did the monkey bars (which were my favorite when I was little)...

As you can see Mckayla loves them as well.

and then there is Marcus who does them so seriously!

McKayla is always ready for the camera! candid? Never!

Marcus is normally the hardest to photograph, but I caught him actually enjoying himself.

I found my little monkey barking orders at the others through the jungle gym. His face was so squished trying to get their attention I had to snap a photo.

Then we played peek-a-boo with the camera which is his favorite game. You normally find him running away from the camera.

Ever since we took him to our favorite theme park wonderland he has been afraid of the swing I am really not sure why except perhaps we traumatized him. This is the before photo of when I first put him in the swing. Poor thing he was terrified.

But after some convincing and some slow pushing he finally gave in and tried to enjoy himself. Although you can see on his face he still is not quite sure he likes it.

Then we ate some watermelon which was SOOOO yummy!

Finally, our very best friends bought us ice cream from the ice cream truck that pulled up to the park. My monkey decided on a Rocket which he really enjoyed. He even gave me a few licks. We had a great day and were so happy the weather allowed us to spend it outside. Maddox you are definitely my most entertaining baby. You surprise me every day. I can't believe you are 2. My baby is still my baby.

Maybe tomorrow I will post some photos from his birthday party! He actually loved me taking pictures of him that day!


  1. ur family is so incredibly gorgeous! i love it. i just love it. and thank you for the delightful shoutout on ur blog :)

  2. Thanks your family ain't so bad either! ;)
    p.s. your blog gives me inspiration to put myself out there so you deserve the plug!