Friday, August 31, 2012

Embrace the Camera: August 31, 2012

So today embrace the camera is with my littlest guy. He was so brave today having to go under general anesthesia to repair his mouth full of cavities. Going in it was 9 with 2 of them being root canals. 

Let me just say I was freaked out! Being the first time any of my kids have ever had to have any kind of anesthesia I was really anxious and worried. Needless to say I got little sleep this week. Last night I prayed extra hard that things would go smoothly and he would come out at the other end ok. My prayers were answered because he did extremely well in there on top of that only one root canal and cap instead of two. 

So funny.

 Instead of filling the front teeth she did disking so he didn't have to be under so long and they will fall out in a few years anyway. In essence it changed his smile. He is still my guy though.

Now he might be laughing away, but coming out of the anesthesia he was not happy. Complained he couldn't see because he was so groggy he couldn't keep his eyes open. Screamed away for about 10 minutes and then was calm enough to eat a freezie. Sugar free of course. It made him feel a little better and anxious to get home. He gave us all the evil eye the whole way home and tried his best to take off the silver cap which in his mind "tasted weird". 

Luckily my good friend Kathy came along one, because they suggest two adults so one can watch them in the backseat on the way home and two, I really needed the moral support. She kept my mind off the fact that my baby was asleep. She is amazing and I am so grateful.  I actually almost lost it watching him fall asleep because he fought it off a little. It was even more torture seeing him wake all confused and scared. I just kept repeating it was over and he did a good job. I didn't want him to think he still had more things to do there. 
Showing off his new teeth.
After it all I am so thankful he is ok. Not nauseous at all and happy to drink liquids and eat. Besides the first few hours of wobbly walking he seems pretty steady. Hopefully he continues to do well through the night. My guys only had dental work to do. I have a new appreciation for what so many parents go through when they have children having serious procedures done. Being a parent is the best job and your heart is so full that it literally breaks when you see them in pain. 

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