Friday, May 21, 2010


I have kind of become a creature of habit and like things the way they are. I used to come face to face all the time with change before I got married. Living in different places meeting new people, but the last 9 and a half years not a lot has changed.

This year hopefully we will change houses, perhaps change cities, make new friends (but definitely keep the old ones), and what else. Well for starters my little monkey got a haircut. I was very hesitant because I love his long hair. I love how when he gets out of the shower it is all curls in the back. I did it for him when he gets hot his whole face turns red and looks like he will explode or pass out whichever comes first.

In the past haircuts with him have not been enjoyable. He won't sit still and cries. So we went against trying to give him a cut with any kind of style because well if he doesn't sit still it won't look good. Hubby really wanted to give him a mohawk. yeah I know. So we went with a number 3 buzz.

I keep forgetting we have cut his hair and am surprised when I look at him. He keeps rubbing his head and smiling at me. I think he likes it. I know he will enjoy it in the heat we will be having this year. But as I saw the 5 inches getting shaved from his head I could help but tear up and think how long until it grows back. I do know this I am going to try and make more changes because I think it is good. Don't get attached to things that really don't matter. Focus more on what does matter and how that should change me.


  1. Awe, mom is sad cause the hair cut makes him look more grown up but he seems pretty darn happy w/it. Just look at that happy face! What a cutie-pie!

  2. Yes he is very happy. It has already been tested and he has more energy in the sun. I miss it though!