Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Holding hands with Christ

So this past weekend I attended Time Out for Women which was awesome. I am so happy I went even though it seemed impossible between a sitter and living on a budget. I had to take into account not only 50$ for the ticket, but of course I would buy books and music and who knows what else. Well I had to consider it long and hard, but I jumped in last minute. I even had to consider having my daughter skip her ballet and tap on Saturday as no one could get her there. That was a hard one. As a mom sacrificing something of our kids so that we can enjoy something feels wrong. Although now after the fact I know it wasn't wrong. Because my daughter now has a stronger mom. A more focused mom.

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I feel a stronger connection to my Saviour. The presenters were amazing! I am not just saying that either. Some of them I had heard of before and some I hadn't. I had never seen any of them in person which is actually very different. Friday night was an incredible start. I didn't want it to end although I also didn't have any tissues and that would have started to become a problem had it continued. Saturday wasn't as much of a cryfest as Friday, but it was more "light". One speaker gave us 7 keys to happiness and told us to pick just one to work on. I chose "celebrate failure".Have you ever heard the saying "If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing ____" The blank spot should be well, but in her perspective she says that it should be "If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly." Sometimes as mothers we get upset when our kids mess up or when we mess up ourselves. Instead of getting angry or down say "What have I/you/we learned from this experience?" Teach instead that we are going to make mistakes and that is okay. We are supposed to make mistakes, but we are supposed to learn from them. Even the small stuff.
I was put to the test yesterday when Marcus was making his breakfast, granola with yogurt, he dropped it on the carpet in the dining room. First of all we have hard floors throughout the house. Only area rugs in some of the rooms. Why he was fixing his breakfast in the dining room and not the kitchen I do not know, but I immediately asked, "What have you learned from this experience?". To which he replied, "Don't slide my bowl across the table.". Who knows if this is a lesson that he will actually learn from or if it will just happen again, but I didn't yell or get angry at him for making a mess which may have actually happened on any other day. So I am happy I can improve and be a better mother.
There were so many good points, but I am just going to end with a quote from Brad Wilcox, "How do we get to Heaven? Holding hands with Christ." and another one I love "The Lord cares more about the offerer than the offering.". No matter how imperfect and offering it is he accepts it. If everything we do we do with him we can reach our full potential. We can change into the person we could be.


  1. What a shining example you are Charity. Thank you for sharing your sweet spirit and your human-ness. Love it sis!

  2. Your welcome....thank you for reading it. I don't know what kind of example I am, but I do know that all we can do is our best. I love you sis.