Friday, May 14, 2010

Weeds, weeds, weeds

I have always hated weeds. I won't lie. They are endless. They take over your garden. This year though I have discovered I loath them. They haven't just taken over the garden, but my backyard has more weeds than grass. In fact I can't even see any grass. My lovely hubby brought me home a wonderful "present". A dandelion puller. My back doesn't thank him. After spending 4 hours in the yard today hunched over pulling weeds, blisters on my hands, and scratches on my face, arms, and legs I don't know that I can face the yard again. The worst part is I don't even think I am half done. Mckayla willingly helped me after school for 2 hours. She picked up the weeds and put them in garbage bins for me. While we were working very hard she said she was going to have nightmares that they would all come back. I agreed that would be a nightmare. Perhaps the fresh air was starting to get to her because she then asked if I would want to have a weed house. With the amount we pulled you would think I could actually build a house. She said we would just need some glue. If I had more energy I would have let her test her theory.
Maybe, just maybe I can pull myself together and finish what I started another day. All I need are some band aids for my blisters, some heat rub for my back, and hubby rubbing my feet, and I will be ready to go. I couldn't bring myself to take pictures, but perhaps I will. My plan finish pulled and then I will have to seed the yard and fill the holes. Then hopefully my grass will grow and they won't come back. I know wishful thinking. I do know that "weed" is now a four letter word in my house. Don't say it! We will now and forevermore refer to them as the over achieving, relentless, backbreaking plants. Now it is time to grab my heat pack. Hopefully hubby doesn't come home too tired from work so I can get my foot rub. :)


  1. Poor thing! I'm right there with ya sis. I hate weeds too! They're overwhelming this year for some reason - must be the unusual amount of rain we got this year, ugh! Hang in there - it will be over soon! I suggest getting the weed killer spray to help.

  2. We can't use pesticides here. SO alternatives are the only answer. Basically hard labor is required.