Thursday, May 20, 2010


So I don't know if any of you watch any t.v. Or if you watch any of the shows I do, but I must say these finales are killing me! Why does someone have to die? I guess it makes for good t.v., but they are making me sad. First of all Brothers and Sisters, can I say WHAT?

That family goes through more tragedy than I can imagine.

I never really watched One Tree Hill, but over the summer I got bored and stuck inside a lot because of all the rainy days we had so I started watching some reruns.
One  Tree  Hill  Season   7  Promo   Shoot This season I didn't see every episode, but I did see enough to become connected to the story. One of the characters lost their mom to cancer. I was crushed when that happened. She then fell into a deep depression. I had Michael McLean's Mission2bHappy in my head during the season finale hoping that she would come out of the slump. She started to when she found out she was pregnant and than what happens? Psyco chick enters picture to shoot sister and boyfriend. What? huh. I guess she might have more work to do on the mission2bhappy project.
Smallville I watch because well let's face it I love superheroes. Was kind of a comic book geek as a child so a show about Superman? What is not to love? Finale...I guess we know he can't die, but even my McKayla was asking is it over? She was wanting more. At least his kiss finally revealed the truth to Lois. That's a plus.
Plus we have the hope that he might just wear those red and blue tights next season.

At least with House we ended on a positive note. He finally gets together with Cuddy. Or is he hallucinating again? I guess we won't find out 'til next season.
(HD) Season 6 Promo Photo full cast

But will Lost live up to my expectations? It better I don't want to be disappointed again. And 24? Will the series end in an awesome dramatic conclusion? Still more finales to go. We will see if it leaves me wanting more or if I don't care. Will it lose me as a fan?

I know it must seem I watch a lot of t.v. Let me tell you I think I watch too much, but when the kids go to bed and I curl up in my bed escaping into someone else's reality is what I look forward to. Whether that be through t.v. or a good book I have to admit it is a guilty pleasure. I will work on it in the future...

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  1. It's okay Charity - If TV is your only vice when the kids go to bed, then you're alright! Hang in there throughout all the clifhanger finale's.