Thursday, October 28, 2010

Embrace the Camera: October 28, 2010

So today I had no time! McKayla was working (don't worry not child labor she loves it and it was only an hour), I had to go the gym because I have been such a slacker, kids had oodles of homework, I had to finish making Marcus' costume, preparing the guest room for a good friend flying in tonight, and trying to fit in this blog. SO here it is the only thing I could muster up, but better than nothing right? Now I will stop complaining before you here the violin playing!

Yes! I know he just had a nose bleed and you can still see a little! I told you it wasn't the best photo I have ever taken!


  1. I didn't even notice, hard to get past the cute smiles. Thanks for sharing. You may see mine at

  2. Busy, busy mom...and you still managed to capture a cute pic. Very cool! ;)