Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday: Milano


So Milano, Italy had to be one of my favorite places to travel to. Most models hated it. I am really not sure why, but they normally started smoking there and complained all the time. I LOVED it! The food is phenomenal! I really can't even explain it. Even buying cherries by the kilo on the side of the street was delicious.

The first time I went I was 14. I know. Young.
I was staying with my booker and his girlfriend in their spare room. (booker= the one selling me at the agency. the one who fights for you to get you the job you want and the money you want. basically gold if you have a great one who believes in you) I think he could tell I was lonely so he let me have a roommate. Ruth. She was from Norway. She was fabulous. Long blonde hair and stories of swimming in the freezing cold ocean and how much she loved it. I thought she was crazy because I HATE cold water. Unless you are paying me money to get in I wouldn't go near it. We spent a lot of time at a restaurant down the street. Yummy typical Italian place. Good pizza. Basically we wanted to give our host alone time with said girlfriend. 2 years later I got a phone call from a t.v. show in Italy that a guy in Italy wanted me to fly out so he could profess his love to me. He and his younger brother were waiters at that restaurant. I didn't even really talk to him that much he was shy. The younger one was always chatting with us. Needless to say I didn't accept the offer for a trip to Italy to be on the show. My sis always got a kick out of that. I was flattered, but once again how old was I? Italians are definitely passionate people who wear their hearts on their sleeves which I think is a good thing.

I enjoyed finding my way around the city and maneuvering the metro. I discovered I had a good sense of direction once I realized the names of the streets were written on the buildings instead of street signs. The people were wonderful. So friendly. They would literally walk city blocks to make sure you found the right building. I don't even know if many people in North America would go to such lengths.

Although one time I was being followed by a gentlemen who I had turned downed earlier for coffee. I circled my block 3 times thinking I had lost him, but in the end found him knocking on the building door while I was waiting for the elevator. I know creepy! But I was spared from any wrongdoing.

The was another girl from my agency who caused a car crash! She was 5'11", blonde, legs for miles. A group of guys were whistling at her and didn't pay attention that the light had changed. CRASH! Yeah that was kind of funny.

Maybe that is what the girls didn't like the whistling guys. I guess I just didn't care. I would just laugh and keep walking. Although maybe because I was 14 and thought it was funny.

I returned the following year when I was 15. This time I stayed in the model apartment. My roommate Florencia was a dream.


Everyone thought we could be sisters. We even working together once which was a lot of fun. Sadly I never did get to see her again. She was from Argentina and knew Italian so that was always fun because people talk about you in front of you thinking you won't understand them and she would always call them on it.

This time much to my father's urging to see more of Italy we went to Rome for two nights. So much fun! We took the train and found a place to stay when we got there. I have to say next time I go I would love to take my time because me feet were killing me walking to every single site!!! There is way too much to see in 3 days!

Florencia, Yamila, and I

I got a job at the end of my last trip that helped me break even on the trip. It was for Onyx Jeans so much fun. I shot it with a bunch of girls including Yamila Diaz-Rahi who is on the far right in the pic above. She was super sweet and gorgeous petite little thing. I was taller than her which is saying a lot. She is also from Argentina and I was so happy for her when I saw this...

I must say that success couldn't have happened to a sweeter person she was awesome. I saw her again a few years later in New York at a casting and she was still so sweet. I think sometimes in this industry when you meet people who are rude and selfish and ugly on the inside it pains me to see them do well, but then I have seen so many wonderful people around me that I have met, roommates, and people I have worked with who are doing really well. It makes me happy that the world isn't messed up and backwards and you don't have to be an ugly diva to succeed in the world.

Anyway all of my other pics of Milan are at my moms maybe someday I will find some more to share.


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  1. i love flashback fridays. even when i read them on mondays. you're gorgeous.