Friday, October 8, 2010

Flashback Friday: Jewelry Campaign

So this week I am showing a commercial I shot in Singapore. I was never there when it aired, but it was the first time I did something where when I came back people would recognize me as the one with the gun. I shot the print ads for this campaign as well which ran everywhere. In fact in the print ads I was all of the characters. This was also the first time I found myself on a bus as well. I was pretty excited. I wish I had the ad pics or even the snapshots of the bus going by, but I can't find them. I think they must be lost amongst my things or my mother has them.

As I discovered Singapore was not only a wonderful country filled with delicious food and wonderful people, but many opportunities. I got to travel around a lot and do really incredible projects with some really amazing people.

Every time I go back I get excited at the chance and opportunity to work with them again and see all of the wonderful friends I made along the way. Not to mention now I have family there! (seeing as a married a Singaporean)

I am sure I will have many more posts on Singapore because it gave me my husband, opened my eyes to more exotic flavors, lots of great shopping, and created for the first time my feeling of what it was like to go to work everyday and really have fun!


  1. So who was that strange man you were kissing? I love your flashbacks. Mine are from the 70's and scarry. lol

  2. Technically in the commercial the bride was not me. I am the one in the car laughing and the one walking down the street. Surprisingly I have never had to kiss a guy for a job!