Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Friday: New York


So this is me sweet sixteen and in New York. Not my first time there, but definitely my most profitable trip. This is from a test I did. It turned out to be oddly enough a photo I would use on my card for many years. I loved it because it was a rare occasion for me to have very little make-up on and you could actually see my freckles.

This is a photo from my apartment building on East Houston Street. I loved it. It had a statue of I believe Mussolini on it. Also a clock tower. You could see it from the Empire State Building which was cool. I remember loving the apartment because it was huge and so clean which we didn't normally get for model apartments. That is the doorman. They were always nice.

This is catching a cab outside my apartment with some of my roommates.

This is of course at the Empire State building. I have been up twice once here. and the next time I went was with my boyfriend who had come to visit and two other friends. My boyfriend turned out to be my husband.

I don't have words to say everything about New York that I love. Anyone who has been there knows what I am talking about. It is definitely the best. I wish I could have actually lived there for a while.
This particular trip was fun I went to Saturday Night Live, worked a lot (which normally didn't happen for me in New York to be honest), and I had great roommates.

Future trips to New York included many things. New agencies which didn't always end up my best choices in representation. Doing my first buyers show for Patty Shelenberger which was 3 days work and lots of fun. lots of shopping. lots of walking. messy disgusting roommates. parties. broadway shows. who can forget the food. and many more.

I wish I had more pictures to share, but they are all packed away. Maybe in the future they will be found.


  1. awesome!! i finally got to watch the video and you don't fit in with those cheesy mccheesters. ur like all sweet and flowing and lovely. it's so funny.

    ur pictures are GORGEOUS love!! ur' beautiful! are u still working at all?? u should be if not!

  2. Thanks, but I still feel like a dork every time I see it. Thanks for the compliments. I am still working. Not as much seeing as I don't really travel much anymore except when we go to Asia, but I am okay with that. Family is the most important.

    Doing all of these flashbacks makes me want to go back, but then I am happy where I am now. I wouldn't change it.

  3. Love the photo's you were able to find and share! I love hearing about your adventures AND seeing your beautiful freckles!!!