Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas shopping in Singapore

So we have been doing a little Christmas shopping here. Can I say I have never had such anxiety in my life? Seriously the crowds are overwhelming. You can barely walk through which is crazy considering there is like a 2 kilometer stretch of shopping malls on both sides of the street. How can it be so crowded in every spot? 5million people? On Orchard Road all at once? That is what it feels like.

Anyway we ran into Santa along the way...


or is it?


Okay...that's better. Although McKayla did say, "I know that isn't the real Santa." I agreed. Santa is way too busy to be hanging out at shopping malls.


I know it is blurry, but I didn't have my good camera on me and McKayla had to get a picture of the star on top of the gigantic tree!!


Once again blurry, but I really am hoping to go down and fight the crowds and actually take some good pictures, but the crowds are too much really.

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  1. oh my! that's hilarious! and you guys look gorgeous! i can't believe you're in singapore!