Saturday, December 4, 2010


yay! I am off to sunny, humid Singapore. Leave in the middle of the night tomorrow and will be gone for 6 weeks! I know I am truly very excited. A break from making lunches and being a driver. Well pretty much from a lot of my motherly duties. I am most excited about getting to have some one on one time with my hubby. I know ewww, but seriously not having family here can really make those times scarce. So I am thankful for in-laws who love my children and can't wait to spend some good quality time with them. Let's just hope they don't get sick of us before we depart and can't wait for their lives to resume as usual.

I will do my best to keep on blogging. Especially about my trip and all the great stuff Singapore has to offer. Forgive me now because I will be sure to have lots of food pictures because that is what is most missing in my life in Canada from Singapore. Not all of it looks pretty but I assure you it tastes incredible! Twenty-four hours from now my best friend's hubby will be driving me and two of my kiddos to the airport. Why am I blogging now when I still have tons to do? I don't know I guess I am just excited and have to share the news.

Singapore here we come!

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