Monday, December 20, 2010

Ice Cream Sandwich?

Okay first I have to explain why I am posting this. See I have a great friend who watched an episode of The Amazing Race and the contestants were in Singapore. Seeing as I am married to a local I should be able to explain to her something she saw. What was it you ask? Ice cream sold from a cart on the street served on a slice of bread which is folded like sandwich. The result a Singaporean version of an ice cream sandwich. You can actually buy it in between wafers as well.

Well if you are anything like my friend you are probably thinking that it sounds disgusting and there must be some explanation as to some special bread or something. In truth I don't think the bread is very special besides it being multi-colored and longer than sandwich bread I don't know that it is any different, but it is very tasty.

This picture Marcus was diving into the ice cream so it came out blurry, but here he is saying, "That sandwich is awesome!"

So while we were walking down Orchard Road headed to see the premiere of Tron, which was really entertaining by the way, we stopped for some ice cream. One of the many wonderful things you must try when you come to Singapore. Cheap. delicious. street ice cream.

Hubby and Marcus
I still have video to edit from our walk so you will definitely get to see more. The lights are definitely special here at Christmas.

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  1. I wonder which friend that was? I still think it looks gross but Nathan looked at the picture and figures it would be awesome as well so I guess I'll have to believe you. Hope you are having a blast!