Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's on Charity's Phone?

So super excited that this linky day got a button because, well I like buttons. I am really annoyed because the phone I am using here won't cooperate with me when I want to upload pics so I have to keep borrowing from hubby. So when we aren't together all those great pics aren't being taken!

So he took this one out of the airplane on the trip over.

Ebi and Hare Tonkatsu with Japanese curry and miso soup from Tonkichi!!! So yummy and I have been craving like crazy. I finally got to stuff my face!

After= completely devoured deliciousness. You definitely can't miss trying this!

Grab a button and go check out everyone's phone on Jessica's blog!


  1. Oh, I just love Japanese food. That looks delish!
    Ang xxx

  2. i soooo totally want to eat some! and my hubby has tons of pics like that on his phone, cuz he's constantly flying, haha!

  3. now i am so craving that! looks so yummy!!

  4. Freaking A!!!! I swear u all ganged up and planned on posting yummy food this week because you KNEW how badly I wanted someone to make me a good meal or take me on a date. Dummies.

    Love that sky shot. Love it :)

  5. Well all I have been doing is eating the past two weeks so all my pictures consist of FOOD!!! I can't help it. If I was there with you I would definitely take you on a date. (Although probably not the date you really want!)