Monday, December 13, 2010

Halloween in December?

I know Christmas is two weeks away and I am just now blogging about Halloween, but what can I say I have been busy. For those who thought that my first blog in Singapore would be about Singapore I thought maybe this would confuse them and maybe get a laugh at my tardiness. Although I have tons to blog about from here this one is pretty straight forward and I forgot how hot, humid weather makes you lethargic. So he is just a warm-up for hopefully many more posts this week.

The kids really enjoyed Halloween this year. Especially my little guy whose favorite food is candy. We of course had our trunk or treat at church on the Saturday and they got enough candy for 10 kids, but we knew we had to go visit our neighbors who have special bags made for the kids every year. So we got dressed up again and this time I got pics. (Hubby's birthday was the Saturday and us adults went to dinner while the kiddies played. I know fun, right?)

McKayla was a witch. I think that she pulled it off very well.
She even did some really great with faces for me! After I took them she asked me if I was putting them on my blog. I of course replied, "Of course!".

Maddox then joined in on the face making. Somehow this is the face of a snake?

Daddy of course got in on the action with us! Not sure what he is supposed to be though.

I think Maddox was just told he needed to wait to have some candy. His little lip is a staple at our house. Marcus' costume wasn't very exciting and he strips it of so quickly I couldn't take a picture, but he went as Percy Jackson. I even made him wings for his converse. Which turned out to be quite tricky.

Overall it was a good year and we had a lot of fun!

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