Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dedication to my girls...

So today is Sunday and yes I go to church. Even here in Singapore. As crazy as that seems. It keeps me grounded. I am in the Young Women Organization at church which means I get to spend a significant amount of time every week with 12 -18 year old girls. At times I can get frustrated much the same as a parent does with their teenage daughter, but I love them still. Here going to church feels a little empty without getting to see their smiling faces back at me. When I hear of activities like a New Year's Dance I that the are having this weeek I think of them and wonder what will they be doing for New Years. So today I dedicate this song to my beautiful girls. Always remember who you are and that you are beautiful "just the way you are". Bruno says it much better than me I am not a writer. Don't change who you are for someone else just to fit in or be their kind of beautiful. Be your true self. Or as Lupe says in the remix be you to the fullest!

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