Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's on Charity's (or really Donavan's) phone?

SO another addition and I have to say that having to use someone else's phone to take picture's is annoying!!

So the title is a lie this photo was taken from a friends phone who emailed it to me...no nap so he fell asleep on the couch during dinner. SO sweet.

This was also taken by that same friend who found Marcus' love of ribs enjoyable to watch. He seriously ate more than any of us adults did for sure!! Here he is thinking this is good, but the expression is priceless I had to include it!!

The kids at Keppel Club after a few hours in the arcade getting a snack before dinner.

And saving the best for last another food shot!! This time curry puff. Crispy goodness!

It is so super tasty. hmmmm I haven't had breakfast yet now I want a curry puff!!

Looking forward to Christmas and more yummy food.


  1. That rib eating face is priceless!! So adorable!

  2. That curry puff looks yum!
    Ang xxx

  3. Love that first photo of your napping son...so gorgeous!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. mmm, curry puff that looks delish!

    i love babies with blankies and binkies. and yes i can call them babies til they are 35 yrs old. ;D

  5. So cute! Love the sleeping baby pic!

  6. i wanna try a curry puff. is it supposed to be a treat?? curry??? i need to try it myself.

    love the sleeping baby. and you've inspired me to try something new next week! *wink*

    jake used to eat the CRAP outta ribs when he was little. it was sooo cute.

  7. Well I normally eat it as a snack, but I think if you eat enough of them it is considered a meal! Definitely worth trying.

    Oh an I love that I have inspired you!