Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A sewing project

Ok. So I have been on a sewing craze for the past few years. Teaching myself to sew all over again. Definitely bumps along the way, but with help from a friend and the world wide web things are going pretty good. I almost can't wait for another trip overseas so I can stock up on more fabric for my projects. Last week I made a dress for McKayla. I used a Burda pattern #9489.

I mostly followed the pattern except I gave it more of a cap sleeve instead of being sleeveless, I added lining to the skirt and finished out the insides much nicer, and I made the back zipper a more exposed look since that seems to be the trend these days. I also liked the colour of my zipper.

Sewing with jersey knit was a first for me and the biggest learning experience for me on this project. I think I sewed the binding around the sleeves and the neck 4 times. Ugh! I know but seeing as I altered the sleeves it's not surprising it took me a few tries to get the length figured out. Biggest lesson learned binding smaller than opening and must pull tighter around curves than straight places. Lesson learned and perhaps when I am not frustrated with it anymore I might redo it. Or not as I am really the only one to look close enough and care that it's not perfect. Learning to modify patterns has been a great learning experience too. Especially when you need it smaller in some areas and longer in others. Definitely takes patience and a good eye to not go crazy. Sometimes I feel like I am putting together one of those big lego projects which has instructions, but you can't quite see what it's talking about because the colour is wrong or you've missed a piece. The challenge is fun for sure.

McKayla loves her new dress and now we have to find the perfect belt for her to where with it. So I guess that's all that is important. When the kids start school I will really be able to improve my skills. The best part of making things they are one of kind and made with love and she appreciates them. Because let's face it it is so much easier to go out and buy a new dress. Although I am not sure if I am the only one who finds it hard to find things out there that are cute,affordable, appropriate, and in her size! Sizing is a big problem out there. If your a mom and feel my frustration then you know why I go through all the trouble of making clothes.

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