Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Vacation Beginnings

Summer has been exciting and starting it with a visit from my family was amazing! If only they could have stayed longer or we could have done more!! We didn't even make it downtown to show them all of the wonderful areas to explore! Oh well, next time for sure.

with my nephew Tyler

CN Tower

We did go see a baseball game, which is tradition and so much fun. No we didn't win, but we had two home runs and the first one from Bautista the camera panned the crowd and my hubby at home saw my sis and I dancing away. Of course not our best view from behind, but nonetheless we were on t.v. Maybe a little embarrassing to our children we celebrated every hit like it was a home run and every out like it was the last one. We had fun no matter how silly we looked or sounded.

We also went to Wonderland and I discovered why I don't go as often. My oldest doesn't want to go on the big rides and is too tall for kiddie rides. He says he had fun, but how much fun can you have riding kiddie rides? My hubby, sister, my nephew Drew, and I did ride some of the big ones. Leviathon was new and really fun. My sister didn't enjoy it too much. Behemoth was awesome as always. The kids had a blast in the wave pool. Me personally? I would rather be in my backyard than swim in the public wave pool with all of those people and floating band-aids. Don't even get me started. We rode a few more rides, but were literally so exhausted we couldn't handle any more.

Taxi jam

In line for Leviathon

As you can see Maddox was the only lucky one who actually got to take a nap.

A big event in my life I got to go through the temple for the first time with my mom as my escort. It was an amazing experience and one that has definitely brought me closer to my Saviour and the spirit was so strong I could feel my dad there with me as well. If you want to know more about my church or even what happens in temples look here.

photo credit my friend Laurie Davidson

Sadly when people come visit me I don't take as many pictures as when I visit others. strange I know, but one week with them here and I am not sure I took even 50!! Oh well hopefully next time I'll be better.

Love this group shot!

Can't wait for the next time we meet again!!


  1. oh charity!! i'm so excited for you! i'm glad you are blogging again, too...

    1. Thanks!!!
      Yes! I'm happy to be blogging again, but almost forgot how to. Lol.