Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Avenger "HULK" birthday Smash!

Maddox's 4th birthday came in a hurry. I had a my family here and then my father-in-law and then I had 3 days until his party. Phew! I spent more time on the capes and masks than I anticipated, but they were worth it. The kids loved them and I have heard storied of them continuing to play with them.

We spent his actual birthday visiting the golf course and playing just a little bit. It was Friday after all and super busy. Then we went back home for swimming.
He is trying to be so proper for this photo. Funny.

I used leftover fabric from last years Halloween costumes for most of the capes. Maddox's was yellow fabric I found in a scrap bin and then I went out and bought the black fabric which lucky for me was on on clearance for only $4 a meter which is a big deal living here in Canada where things tend to be more expensive and not have major sales. I used an old cape Maddox already had for the pattern and than after cutting I used iron on seam glue to seal the hems. A little time consuming, but I didn't want the fabric to fray and I also didn't want to used 2 yards of fabric for every cape!

I used the computer to create an oval stencil and the found mask and letter stencils on Martha Stewart's website which I used to create the felt masks and monogram letters for each kid. For the masks I used grommets and elastic thread. They worked perfectly.

iron on fabric glue

tacky glue

fabric markers

Each kid was able to design it the way they wanted and using tacky glue they put it together. I do recommend sewing them on to make sure they stay put, but once again I was going to sew on ovals and letters for 12 kids. Especially given my time constrain of three days!

Bags I put cape and mask in plus all the green candy I could find.

Maddox loves his super heroes and the Hulk is one of his favourites. I actually think he is most like the Hulk. Thinks his huge Hulk is actually huge, favourite color is green Hulk is green, has a temper, will get angry and scream and punch, and enjoys smashing things.

Decoration wise I just got balloons and that was pretty much it. We had green punch, (which was really just limeade, sprite, and lime juice recipe borrowed from a good friend)watermelon, chips, hot dogs, burgers, and of course cupcakes. He wanted a big Hulk cake, but I couldn't do it. Cupcakes were so much easier and I just used fondant and cut out circles which I painted avengers signs with edible markers. First time ever using them and I love them! So easy and they look great. I could be a better artist, but I was happy with the result and so was he.

only avenger balloon they had

Food writers

the heroes

They of course spent most of the time in the pool and it was the perfect day for it.

She's adorable and loves the water.

Here he is enjoying a hot dog. (I love that he lets me take these photos of him. In fact he welcomes it.)

He was spoiled as always and received so much love from friends and family. I think it was a great birthday and one I'm sure he is old enough now to remember. He is already talking about his next birthday.

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