Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Camping in Canada another first

So this past week I said goodbye to my only daughter. First time away from me longer than 24 hours. I know she's almost nine, but the opportunity actually never presented itself until now. She was going with one of three people I think I would trust to take her. Well I am sure there are more, but as far as her friends and their parents? Ya three.

McKayla of course loves camping and the plan 10 days!!!! Way too long in my opinion, but whatever. So I said goodbye with the plan to drive out there and spend the day with her on the beach. She wanted me to spend the night so day 7 of her being away which was long and lonely for Maddox who relies on her to play with him. Marcus wanted to go he likes camping, but go hang out with 4 girls and another mom? Not so much. He pretty much stayed glued to my hip unless we were at the campsite and he was either in the tent reading or by the campfire keeping to himself.

Maddox loved the beach. We were on Lake Huron at Pinery Provincial Park near Grand Bend. It is an amazing park and the beach was great even though I hate how sand gets everywhere! Ya I am more of a pool person and having grown up around lakes ours were mud bottom and not really a lot of sand was involved. Surprisingly the water was warm. Not sure what I expected, but I thought the water being in Canada no matter how hot it gets couldn't possibly get hot enough to warm up the lakes. Proved wrong it was beautiful. Just like my pool. Well slightly cooler, but with the heat it was perfect.

We had s'mores of course both nights and only left the beach to eat.

I was actually amazed at how I didn't get one mosquito bite and I didn't even use bug spray! Crazy I know, but there really wasn't any bugs. McKayla did end up with like 4 bites, but then she was there way longer than me.

My hubby sent me there with one request somehow convince her to come back with me even though she only had two more days left. Sure enough it didn't really take a lot of convincing. As much as I rejuvenated her with family love she still really missed her daddy and knowing he would be off the next day she couldn't resist coming home with me. So we said our goodbyes, packed up the car, and drove the quick 2.5 hours home. McKayla said driving home was so fast, but then she fell asleep. The next few days was sleep catch up. She even slept in until 11:30 one morning!

If only my guy could've been there to enjoy it with us.

I am glad I let her go and it was a great first camping experience for all of us here in Canada. I am grateful for great friends who took care of her and us while we were there. Apart from coming back with a backache it made me want to go back again next year. Anybody want to come camping with me next year? Because I am sure I would not be as brave and go alone with the kids!

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