Friday, September 3, 2010

Day Three in Quebec: Riding Horses

This is from day three in Quebec. Finally on the horses. I was impressed they all rode bareback. I was worried that they would hurt themselves. Marcus and Maddox both fell off the horse, but didn't get hurt and more importantly got right back up on the horse to go again. Plus when I say fall I mean they slowly slid down the side of the horse. Although Marcus fell on his side and cried like he was broken. I think he was just a little sensitive and upset he fell in the first place.

This first one is Maddox with Julie on the pony. He was so happy. Oh and yes that is Marcus informing me that I almost stepped in poop!

This next one is Marcus. You can tell he likes it, but he is playing it "cool". I think he would have enjoyed it better, but he is severely allergic to horses. By the end of the day he had a rash forming on his face and neck. Plus you can see how he wasn't holding the mane of the pony which is why he had nothing to hold on to when he fell.

This last one is of McKayla. It is longer because she fell in love! She didn't want to stop. Please ignore that scary high-pitched voice in the background. I admit it is me, but in my defense I really can't control how crazy it sounds! We did bring out the big horse which they rode as well, but I was busy chatting away as I normally do and forgot to take more video.

Saving the best thing for last I got on this poor little pony. She probably was crying inside with me on top of her, but the kids really wanted me to get on and I didn't know at the time that we were going to bring out the big horse. Also they made me wear the helmet because they were sure that I would fall off. So get ready...

It looks as if I am riding a donkey! No!I did not fall off the horse, but yes I look like a dork. I would love to have a horse and go riding with McKayla. It would be fun! I think we might have to make this trip every year!

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