Monday, September 6, 2010

Trip down memory lane

Taking a break from vacation photos as you are probably getting tired of hearing about it!! Here is something that has been on my mind.

So guess what was on t.v. last night? The Great Outdoors. I was way too sleepy to watch, but thankfully I have PVR so I just recorded it so I could watch it today. Can I say that it was still hilarious?

I remember watching it when I was little with my family. My dad just loved John Candy and this one is definitely a classic.

I did note that as I was watching McKayla pointed out that Annette Benning's character was smoking right next to her kids. She was in shock and said if that happened to her she would say, "What are you doing smoking that right next to me?". It got me thinking about how things like that have changed. You don't see family movies where that happens anymore or at least not wholesome family movies. Maybe not everything has changed for the worst when it comes to movies these days.

I was actually talking to a friend of mine a while back about how we didn't realize how some of the movies we watched as kids are actually kind of scary and not really something we would let our youngest children watch. Take for instance one of my favorite movies of all time, Labyrinth,


So awesome I love it, but it took me a while to share with my kids because it is kind of creepy. Kid gets kidnapped by goblins on the verge of becoming a goblin and all sorts of eerie creatures lurking about.

Plus I have to admit something. I kind of had a crush on David Bowie. Seeing as I wasn't even ten I think I can be forgiven for such a thing. And Jareth? I actually was always sad at the end because I wanted her to stay with him. He actually looked kind of lonely and in love with her. Looking at this today and seeing his make-up I am thinking. What was I thinking? You have to admit that the music was fabulous and this song? sigh... "I'll be there for the world falls down" I think that is an awesome thing. Now I am all sappy, but seriously great song.

Just in case you want to hear it. Don't forget to let me know your feelings did you hate the movie? love it? indifferent?

Okay an end to this post, but in closing here is a little homage to John Candy and The Great Outdoors!!


  1. i LOVE labrynth!!!!! my favourite line that our family quotes at every possible moment is:
    "you're going the wrong way!!!"
    oh it...

  2. i was in love with bowie too. i think his radical makeup put some sort of smell on kids. weird. i was also really freaked out tho by his white stretchy pants and his big, ahem, "bulge". ewww.

    so anyway. when u gonna tell us about ur awesome modeling past. i've been waiting patiently and i just KNEW this post had to be it being that the title was "trip down memory lane". ur just a tease...

  3. I am glad I am not the only one who was in love. And yes I will be going down that lane very soon. I promise.

    cotu: I have it if you ever want to come over and watch together!!

  4. Yes, I agree. I tried to let my kids watch "The Muppets" and I was horrified!

    As for Labyrinth . . . I HATED it BECAUSE of David Bowie. (Really, WHAT were you thinking? Didn't you ever watch "Growing Pains"? Leo was WAY cuter. ;) )